KS6 Launch Date

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Re: KS6 Launch Date

Post by kitenerd » Fri Apr 20, 2018 4:10 pm

My wallet squeals it's delighted thanks!

Of course there was some word of a resin restock...

My only problem with Late July is it is a VERY busy time. I'd like to get back to the March April time - it is quiet in my world (kids at school, life humming merrily along) and i can waste (uh, err... invest) several hours a day in geeking out on DF. While the KS will no doubt be seductive, i may not have as much time to enjoy it.
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KS6 Launch Date

Post by natetaylor » Fri Apr 20, 2018 4:05 pm

We are delaying the launch of KS6 until late July.

Here is our reasoning.

First, as you already know, KS5 shipping is delayed. And we are breaking the shipment into two batches, the first wave includes Encounters #1-6, and the second wave includes everything else. Currently, we estimate the second wave will ship to you in June. But there are a variety of factors that could delay that. Even shipping in early June, there's a chance some of you might not receive your full pledge until July.

We don't feel right launching KS6 until the majority of you have your KS5 pledges in hand. We want to make good on our promises before making a new set of wild promises. You guys give us a lot of faith, and we want to make sure you know we're good for it. So launching KS5 in June seems like it would be cutting things too close, with no wiggle room for unforeseen delays (which happen more frequently than we'd like). We want the majority of you to happily have your KS5 pieces in hand by launch time. So July is the responsible time to launch KS6.

Secondly, we could use the extra time for development. We tend to be pretty ambitious with our kickstarters, trying to one-up ourselves and present you with something that exceeds expectations. This project is no exception - we're pushing the envelope yet again with some pretty wild plans and new innovations. KS6 is the longest we've had a project in development, and with the largest, consistent full-time team behind it. Even so, we sure could use another month before launch. It'll give us more time to get all our preparations done and will make for a smoother campaign. We were very proud of how smoothly KS5 ran, and we think we can top it with KS6. Especially having things like the walkthrough videos live on launch day, etc. An extra month buys us a lot there.

Finally, if we time our KS6 campaign to run through GenCon it'll allow us some good PR opportunities. We plan on capitalizing on this in an attempt to get as many fresh eyes on the campaign as possible since new backers are the key to making KS6 a big success. And, we'll bring a bunch of prototypes to GenCon so any of you attending can get a chance to see them in person, that should be a treat, right? We're also planning to run some game sessions on the prototype terrain while at GenCon. We'll let you guys know in advance what the plan is, so you can have first crack at being among the first people in the world to play on the KS6 terrain. That's another thing to look forward to.

I know it's a drag to wait another month for launch, but it'll be worth it in the end. And, we have a bunch of fun teaser stuff planned to make the wait less painful. In fact, this year we plan to reveal more stuff pre-campaign than we ever have before. We've got a few cool surprises lined up that should get you guys really fired up. Or maybe it'll make the wait even harder once you get a taste of those sweet beans...?

And, as hard as it is for you guys to wait, it's just as hard for us to hold back showing you all this stuff. We're dying to share the fruits of our creative (and devious) labors with the world. But it'll have to wait another month. Stay tuned for teasers to come!

Thanks for your continued support and understanding, you guys are the best!

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