KS5 Official Shipping Update

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KS5 Official Shipping Update

Post by ObLaDi » Wed Jul 18, 2018 11:31 pm

Greetings, Dungeon of Doom Kickstarter backers!

We appreciate all your patience during this year’s production cycle. We have finished production, so now all sets are at various stages of cargo shipping, packing or delivery.

This past year, we prioritized some of the most commonly ordered sets, so we could get partial shipments out to a wide array of backers in the North America, Europe and Australia without holding orders until everything was complete. Anyone receiving a partial shipment also received an e-mail that lists the products we still owe you. Backers in other countries, mostly with shorter shipping times, will receive 1 complete shipment.

North America: Shipments of Encounters 1-6 have been sent (as applicable) to North American backers and should mostly have been received. This week, we have started a second shipping cycle (starting with the US, followed by Canada) that includes Terrain Trays, Encounters 8-12 and 14, and many add-on sets. Our remaining sets will arrive within the next 2-3 weeks (see list below); packing and shipping will continue as quickly as possible until all backers are complete (probably over a few weeks). For those of you who requested a single shipment, Your product will go out to you as soon as we have 100% of your order.

Europe: Partial shipments are still at sea, and are expected to arrive in Germany in about 2-3 weeks. From there, it might take another 1-2 weeks to receive your product. Your partial shipments will include Encounters 1-6, 8-12 and 14 and some add-on sets. The balance of your orders are being prepared now for a second shipment.

Australia: Partial shipments are still at sea, we will update you soon with an ETA.

New Zealand, Eastern/Southern Asia: Your shipments are being pre-packed near the factory and will be on their way to you later this month or in the first week of August. As soon as they ship, we will provide more details and tracking.

Middle East: Your orders should be shipped within the next 3-4 weeks.

If you have specific questions about your order, please e-mail ks5@dwarvenforge.com.

We can't wait for each of you to finally have all your dungeons in hand.

Thanks so much again!

Dwarven Forge

Ancient Pillars - Jade Marble and Limited Editions - Painted
Antechamber - Jade Limited Edition - Painted (with and without magnets)
Antechamber - Painted (with and w/o magnets)
Burrows Accessories - Painted
Burrows Chambers - Painted
Burrows Elevation - Painted
Burrows Stilts - Painted
Burrows Tunnels - Painted
Classic Dungeon Advanced Builder - Painted (with and w/o magnets)
Classic Dungeon Remastered Core Set - Painted (with and w/o magnets)
Curved Daises (Marble Ltd Ed) - Painted
Dais Platforms (Marble Ltd Ed) - Painted
Doors - Painted (with and w/o magnets)
Elevation Mega Pack - Painted
Elevation Platform - Painted and Unpainted
Emperor's Palace Mega Pack - Regular and Marble Ltd Ed - Unpainted and Painted (with and w/o magnets)
Encounter Area 15: Shrine of Sysuul - Jade and Standard, with and e/o magnets
Encounter Area 7: Gorgon Tiers - Painted and Unpainted, with and w/o magnets
Fanatic's Trove - Painted, with and w/o magnets
Fire Ant Nest - Painted
Inner Sanctum - Standard and Jade Limited Edition - Painted, with and w/o magnets
Khri Bloodswarm - Painted
Large Curved Daises (Marble Ltd Ed) - Painted
Large Floors (Marble Ltd Edition) - Painted, with and w/o magnets
Last Pieces of Doom (without magnets) - Painted
Lava Bridge All versions
LED Walls and Corners (without magnets) - Painted
Passages - Walls - Painted
Puzzle Floor Tiles - Painted
Straight Daises (Marble Ltd Ed) - Painted
Sysuul - Standard and Jade - Painted
The Pit - Standard and Jade Limited Edition - Painted, with and w/o magnets
The Serpent's Trove - Painted, with and w/o magnets
Tote Bag
Wicked Dungeon Trove - Painted, with and w/o magnets


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