My final pledge. What's yours?

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Re: My final pledge. What's yours?

Post by Nekk-ra » Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:42 am

My small pledge, after several revisions, is done. It's more of a sampler pledge, with a little of this and that, with the goal of adding more pieces from KS2 along with saving up for next year to grab a few bread and butter pieces I chose to forgo this round.

*Cavern Entrance pledge/Prison Passage core unpainted - two inexpensive packs with a good selection of new pieces.
*Ice Catacombs adventure pack (UP) - good sampler of elevated pieces, and lizard zombies for the win!
*Cave doors (Underdoom) - great price point, and the painted version was not costly. And I needed at least one item in Underdoom for paint matching.
*Webbed Lair (P), Cave of Ruin (UP), Mushroom Grotto (UP) adventure packs - much wanted bling and useful items. The ruined door also serves as a dungeon/cavern transition piece.
*Mimic/Dwarven Forge packs (P) - inexpensive dressing with lots of little details that made painted the preferred choice.
*12x12 Terrain tray Hazard pack - it's 5 terrain trays for essentially the price of three, a no-brainer.
*Stone banks - need some transition pieces for those terrain trays, and get quite a few in a small pack.
*Brambles/Forest Scatter/Small Tree packs (UP) - wanted some Dreadhollow on a micro-budget, so I hit upon the idea of a small patch of trees growing where a cavern roof has collapsed. Also, the Brambles are very multi-purpose - wouldn't be surprised if I end up grabbing more when they hit the shop
*Crystal Caverns Epic Elements (UP) - some nice big pieces, and thanks to the need to have these pieces cast in clear, they'll add a bit of variety to my KS2 Ice Caverns.

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Re: My final pledge. What's yours?

Post by John D » Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:55 pm

Here's the damage - $1833, all unpainted.

First, the Caverns (I'll add a Starter at retail, I think there will be plenty)
Deep Pledge Caverns.jpg
Deep Pledge Caverns.jpg (147.73 KiB) Viewed 746 times
The lower half makes a nice homebrew Universal package; just throw in a Starter or two.

On to LED/bling and Water Sports!
Deep Pledge LED + Water.jpg
(the background is the Campfire, by the way)
Deep Pledge LED + Water.jpg (111.61 KiB) Viewed 746 times
More Stone Banks, I know...
I think that Stone Banks/Water Trans/Forest Banks ought to work well with each other. I'll have to have to mess around with them a bit before I can figure out how many I really need.

Dreadhulu - Left side is Encounter 15. Right side is add-ons.
Deep Pledge Dreadhollow.jpg
Deep Pledge Dreadhollow.jpg (71.71 KiB) Viewed 746 times
More Forest Banks, I know...

A few cool things got cut (Ruins), but I'm maxed out! ;)
Also, I have all this KS2 to add,
KS2 B&B+.jpg
KS2 B&B+.jpg (69.9 KiB) Viewed 746 times
...or not. I'm really into creating smaller, variant paint themes these days, we'll see.

Well, that was/is/will be pretty Epic. :D

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Re: My final pledge. What's yours?

Post by Trollface » Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:39 pm

Was really, really bad and opened up the pledge manager again. I totally blew my budget, but I am under my new budget :?, if life throws a curve ball, just change the target :mrgreen:

So final pledge
1x Adventure Essentials 1-6 - Unpainted (reward)
1x Cavern Starter - Unpainted
1x Dungeon Ruins Pack - Unpainted
1x Stalagmite Pack - Unpainted
2x Cave Cliff Pack - Unpainted
1x Natural Bridge - Unpainted
1x Rising Elevation Pack - Unpainted
1x Stairway To Violence - Unpainted
1x Stone Banks Pack - Unpainted
1x Cavern Floors Pack - Unpainted
1x Cave Water Multi Pack Terrain Trays
1x Water Transition Pack - Painted
1x Hollow Elevation Blocks - Unpainted
1x 12x12 Terrain Tray Quicksand/Cave Stone
1x Passage Accessories Pack - Unpainted

1x Forest Terrain Tray Pack
1x Bramble Pack - Painted
1x Cave Mouth Pack - Unpainted
2x Escarpment Pack - Unpainted
2x Escarpment Corners Pack - Unpainted
2x Forest Scatter Terrain - Unpainted
2x Large Tree Pack - Unpainted
1x Light Forest Pack - Unpainted
2x Small Tree Pack - Unpainted
4x Forest Transition Banks - Unpainted

Going to be painting DF forever.

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Re: My final pledge. What's yours?

Post by Swiftbrook » Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:57 pm

Here's my micro pledge. Locked, loaded and fired.

Cavern Starter Pack - $48
Stalagmite Pack - $28
Encounter 2 Core Pack - $57
Crooked Caverns Pack - $37
Camp Pack - $10

I wanted to lock something in as I may not be able to update it tomorrow. I still have a little in my micro budget. Still debating Here.

-The minnow

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Re: My final pledge. What's yours?

Post by GrumpyOne » Sun Nov 18, 2018 7:55 pm

Spent more than I had planned but c'est la vie.

Adventure Essentials 1-11 - Painted (reward)

Encounter 12 - Ice Catacomb - Painted
Encounter 15 - Dreadhollow Forest - Painted
Cavern Floors Pack - Painted
Stilt Pack - Painted
Natural Bridge - Painted
Forest Terrain Tray Pack (x2)
Water Transition Pack - Painted
"Initial success or total failure"

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Re: My final pledge. What's yours?

Post by period3 » Sun Nov 18, 2018 4:08 pm

arsthein wrote:
Sun Nov 18, 2018 3:59 pm

Bramble pack: I like very much, and am in need of plant based accesories, to this pack is just perfect. I would love to have more bushes in the pack though. Maybe I will take another one in the future.

Mimic Pack: Just freakin' awesome. The best mimic out there. And you don't have to get a big pack to get it. Must have. The rest of accesories are awesome and well recieved too.
With you on the mimic. Kudos to DF for NOT making this a hard to get chase piece. This is one piece I think I'm going to enjoy painting.

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Re: My final pledge. What's yours?

Post by period3 » Sun Nov 18, 2018 4:05 pm

Upgraded my $10 pledge a bit. Settled on this, which puts me about 30% over budget, but I was under budget last year so I don't feel TOO bad. Although I just dropped $1k in the DF store a few weeks ago. Bah. Too late. (Or, maybe it's not. Don't tell me, I don't want to know.)

I have another day to decide on paint scheme... I decided to go for a cheaper version of underdoom that discards some flavor to fit in-budget. I think I prefer to get the most building-block pieces I can and add in LEDS, adventure packs, etc. from the store and other sources as needed for whatever scenario I'm planning.

1x Cavern Starter - Painted - Standard Cavern (reward)
Reward $74.00

1x The Underdoom Core Pack - Standard Cavern Paint $508.00
1x Cave of Ruin Adventure Pack - Painted $30.00
1x Ice Catacomb Adventure Pack - Option with Standard Cavern Paint $87.00
2x Cave Cliff Pack - Painted $100.00
1x Cave Door Pack - Painted $39.00
1x Double Door Pack - Painted $18.00
2x Trifecta Terrain Pack - Painted $160.00
2x Stalagmite Pack - Painted $80.00
1x Mimic Pack - Unpainted $8.00
2x Rising Elevation Pack - Painted $58.00
1x Entrance Riser Pack - Painted $45.00
1x Stairway To Violence - Painted $58.00
1x Savage Gorge Terrain Trays $32.00
Total was just over $1300 shipped to USA

Budget Bummers:
- No dreadhollow. I wasn't a big fan of dreadhollow until they released the forest banks. It made it much harder to resist.
- No dwarven forge.
- No floor pack
- Not enough terrain trays
- No LED wall.
- No dock or bridge.
- Driftstones? I don't know how I feel about driftstones. With underdoom paint I think I like them. With standard paint, I'm not sure it fits.

I'm feeling pretty good about this overall. With a bit of erinthor mountains and a battlemat I'm hoping I can able make some nice 3x3' scenarios with a fairly open layout, which I like.

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Re: My final pledge. What's yours?

Post by arsthein » Sun Nov 18, 2018 3:59 pm

This year I managed to go much lighter than any other KS since KSI, so that's on the plus side. The fact that I've decided to wait and see how the ice pieces look in the final production run have saved me a lot of money, since I was planning on taking a nice chunk of them. If in the end they are proven to match more or less nicely with the old resin caverns, I will try to take what I can retail.

So, the final veredict is: 499$ (456€) (sadly, 120$ of those 499 are for shipping... ouch! so only 379$ of actual product).

-Cavern Starter Set (reward).
-Prison Passage Adventure Pack (Enc. 2).
-Cave of Ruin Adventure Pack (Enc. 5).
-Mushroom Grotto Adventure Pack (Enc. 7).
-Double Door Pack (a bargain, really)
-Dreadhollow Bramble Pack
-Ice Walls Pack
-Suspension Bridge Pack
-Mimic Pack
-Tiny Treasures Trove

Apart from the obvious, that gives me a couple of cavern magnetic walls and inserts which is great, and a couple of options for cavern low arches and inserts. Plus double Doors for caverns/transition cavern-dungeon, and some cool miniatures (I love the prisioner, that's exactly the kind of minis I would have to have more... people to rescue!).

Cavern Starter: I have resin and 2 KS2, so I plan to use it to create more bread and butter variation. When I see in hand how well it matches, I could want to take one more retail.

Cave of Ruin Adv Pack: Had to have another insert for the KSV awesome double doors.

Mushroom Grotto Adv Pack: This is literally my guilty pleasure. I'm happy I managed to stay away from LEDS, but this one I had to have. Too awesome. I took a ton of mushroom add-on packs in KS2, so a little bitter sweet I would feel bad taking more of the awesome KS VI mushroom packs.

Suspension Bridge: Very very worried about this, but I've wanted one of those for years and years, and a modular one is too good to not take the risk. I think those will fly from the store if they come up right. Worse case scenario, I would use it without elevation over dark 2D chasms.

Bramble pack: I like very much, and am in need of plant based accesories, to this pack is just perfect. I would love to have more bushes in the pack though. Maybe I will take another one in the future.

Ice Walls: Just perfect to compliment my resin ice caverns. They would look great anywhere, since I don't think they need to match painting necessarily. The fact that they can contain miniatures makes them a must have.

Mimic Pack: Just freakin' awesome. The best mimic out there. And you don't have to get a big pack to get it. Must have. The rest of accesories are awesome and well recieved too.

Tiny Treasures Trove: This pack is genious and I'm so happy and thankful DF added it to the PM. This is the kind of pack I missed in DoD, and I was wishing for it all KS as it's tiny bits were revealed in the Stretch goals of the adventure packs. But I didn't dared to hope for DF to make it so I didn't even bothered to bring it up, as the limit of SKU's tends to be the answer to not make something like that. Now, if they did a pack like that for all the miniatures I'm missing (and not only for this Kickstarter) I would be very happy. Really, I think theres a way of thinking here about the accesory packs more in line with the old resin times accesory packs, and I like it much more than the idea behind recent years where accesories are scattered throughout terrain packs.

Would love to take the Shamanic Circle, but 70$ (+22$ shipping) I find quite pricey for a pack I'm not interested in the rest of the pieces.

I would have taken the camp pack if it didn't included a LED piece (for me, not particularly interesting, I like to keep LED to a minimum to highlight important rooms/environments or elements).

And I would have taken necrotic and festering trays if they were available in smaller trays (without other elements water, ice, mud, etc, which I'm not interested in, since I like to avoid using negative space as much as I can). Almost, almost, almost took a 12x12 necrotic (they are not expensive by any stretch of imagination) but still, I figured I should back my preferences with my purchasing choices.

I like very much the Docks and their planks, but I find the pack pretty expensive to feel good about taking it, since I can simulate them with 2x2 Medieval Building floors.


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Re: My final pledge. What's yours?

Post by geekjeff » Sun Nov 18, 2018 2:47 pm

I’m right there with you. Keep going back & forth between basically Adv Essentials 1-11 + Crystal Caverns + Double Dreadhollow with some odd & ends, and dropping the whole thing for regular Caverns Deep.

Do I want tons of Unpainted Caverns to play around with, possibly more than I’ll ever use, or do I want tons of Trees?

Can’t decide.

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Re: My final pledge. What's yours?

Post by AstroCat » Sun Nov 18, 2018 12:14 pm

Man, I'm really waiting to the last second on this one... Going back and forth between Caverns Deep! or individual pieces.

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