What questions for Mondays video ?

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What questions for Mondays video ?

Post by Ken Mattson » Sat Oct 27, 2018 12:42 pm

So in the last KS update, we were asked to submit any questions we had by Sun night so they could be covered in a video to be shot on Mon.

I asked for three things.

Clarity on the driftstones risers. Will they all be the same height ? Interchangeable? Still on the fence about getting some, but would like to know the final product on these.

More detailed photos of some of the newer sculpts. Eldritch eye, geode trapdoor, gnarled tree branch in particular. The photos on the PM aren't very good and its hard to get a sense of scale for the eldritch eye in particular. Maybe a short vid clip of the eye in action, and the gnarled tree on the cave mouth.

Last thing I wanted was a video of all the minis lined up for scale. They have a nice still shot of them, but I think a clip with a human hand in frame would give a better sense. I did order the Villain pack, so would be nice to see the unmounted warchief next to his mount as well. Not sure on the size of the necrotic tendril either.

I’m a small budget backer, only in for 550ish at the moment, but will be unlocking near the end of the PM to buy more(probably another 500ish). I do need some convincing on the eldritch eye, I really want that pack but not sold on the look/size of those yet.

What did you ask or want to see covered ?

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