Dreadhollow with a 200USD budget?

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Re: Dreadhollow with a 200USD budget?

Post by zenako » Thu Nov 01, 2018 2:46 pm

Personally with a limited budget I would see about getting the major pieces that could act as centerpieces for another encounter. The Spirit Tree and the Cave Entrance for example. Round out with scatter terrain or perhaps some treetops. Just getting a couple of the tree tiles for example will only give you a very limited area of coverage on a play map, unless that area is something special.

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Re: Dreadhollow with a 200USD budget?

Post by gwhansen » Thu Nov 01, 2018 2:29 pm

If I had $200 for the forest I would do 1 LT forest pack,1 forest bank pack and 1 set of forest trays for $181 (optional add a bramble pack for $207 total). This would give you about 3 sqfeet and if you are getting any water trays you could use the tiles and banks to create a small water section of a river

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Re: Dreadhollow with a 200USD budget?

Post by ForestZ » Thu Nov 01, 2018 2:18 pm

Personally, I ended up skipping Dreadhollow purely because you can't really do it on a budget (at least in my opinion). Over the years, I've found there's a minimum threshold of sets for them to be useful (and that usually worked out to about 3 sets for the first 2 kickstarters, or the equivalent).

Dreadhollow itself (the encounter level) looks about the minimum I'd feel is useful. It's one and half feet by two feet. When I set up "wilderness" type encounters using WotC terrain tiles, that's about the minimum size I ever set up. If you got rid of all the bells and whistles, the Light Forest pack gives you the most coverage for your money at 1x1 foot. You'd need 3 of these sets just to get the same floor coverage as Deadhollow core, which works out to $300 painted or $195 unpainted. So even unpainted you're hitting your budget and you have mostly open ground and a few stumps, but no trees, no escarpments, no heavy forests, etc...

I think Dreadhollow is gorgeous, and it seems way more popular than burrows so I'm really hoping it makes it into the regular stock rotation because at some point I'm going to want it, since outdoor tiles have been a big wish list item for me for a while. But tacked on to Caverns, I just don't have the budget for it and it doesn't seem like a "budget" item, unfortunately.

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Dreadhollow with a 200USD budget?

Post by koraldon » Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:02 pm

I'm tempted by dreadhollow but have a limited budget, I did find ~200 USD for it, so wondering if it is worth it?
If yes, what is the best way?

Option A:
Light forest pack
Heavy forest pack
and maybe brambles

This doesn't have any trees but get a nice amount of tiles. But I wonder if the mix is good... Maybe to go for 2 light forest packs instead?

Option B:
2 x Terrain Tray
2 x Scatter Trees
1 x Mixed tree pack.
Use of the terrains trays allows me to get some actual trees, but I'm not sure how flexible it is in terms of creating a space on the table. Also, I feel it will be harder to expand.

So, advice for a dreadhollow fan (DF addict) on a lowly budget?

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