What the H*** did I just buy?

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Re: What the H*** did I just buy?

Post by Gargs454 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:05 pm

Rabbit Burner wrote:
Mon Aug 19, 2019 11:13 am
So this is a little embarrassing if we are honest :oops:

So got our PM invite and went through adding what we thought we had pledged for including the exclusive resin sculpts to find we have about 40% left on what we pledged :o

What the H*** did we pledge for !?

Think we have miscalculated our banks need and we know we put some funds in for a few light panels.

Bunny maths is complicated!
Nice problem to have though! :D

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Re: What the H*** did I just buy?

Post by unclebilly » Tue Aug 20, 2019 3:09 pm

I wish I had 40% left on what I pledged haha.

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Re: What the H*** did I just buy?

Post by Oldent » Fri Jul 03, 2020 4:38 pm

Oldent wrote:
Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:31 pm
Oldent wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:30 pm
AnimeSensei wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:58 pm
Here's what my current Hellscape pledge is shaping up to be. Nothing but the 3rd Circle is locked in yet. I have a lot of Caverns Deep coming and am trying to augment the caverns or have a stand-alone environment if necessary.

Any suggestions? (All painted. Color coded for usage grouping.)

1x Third Circle of Hell (Includes Infernal Cave Door Pack & Lava Passages Pack)
1x Lava to Caverns Transition Pack
2x Spouted Floor Transition Pack
1x Lava Cave Entrance (Transition Paint)

1x Magma River Straights
1x Lava River Transition Pack
2x Banks Edging Pack

2x Large Stone Banks - Standard Cavern Paint
1x Spouted Floor - Standard Cavern Paint

1x Wall of Fire Pack
1x Cerberus Warhound
1x Dreadportal

1x Magma Flow Terrain Tray Multi Pack
1x River Styx / Lavastone Terrain Tray Multi Pack

1x DF Light Panel 7 Pack
My plan is to make sure I have enough parts for the games I want to run.
I need floors for Massive Darkness.
I need magma river for LOTRs.
I need magma falls, volcanoes and banks for the pirate game.
I want the core sets for role play.
I also want lots of the bling to paint.
When I get the pledge manager I will figure out the best way to spend my pledge. I am under so I will add some more bling.

My advise is think about how you will use it them make sure you have enough. I think that is going to depend on the story you want to tell.I don't know the story so I really can't advise what will be best.
Hellraiser - Unpainted 1 (reward)

Lava Core Pieces - Unpainted 2
Spouted Floor - Unpainted 6
The Volcano - Unpainted 3
Lava Cave Entrance Pack - Unpainted 1
Magma River Pack - Unpainted 1
Magma River Straights - Unpainted 1

Magma River Features - Unpainted 2
Magma River Megapack - Unpainted 1
Lava Floors - Unpainted 6
Lava Advanced Builder - Unpainted 1
Rising Lava Walls - Unpainted 2
Hellgate Pack - Unpainted 1
Pedestal of Pain Pack - Unpainted 1
Devilish Details - Unpainted 1
Infernal Cave Door Pack - Unpainted 2
Infernal Pole Accessory Pack - Unpainted 1
Wall of Fire Pack - Unpainted 1
Lava Stalagmites Pack - Unpainted 1
Spined Devils - Unpainted 1
Cerberus Warhound - Unpainted 1
DF Light Panel Five Pack 1
River Styx Phantasmal Filter 1
River Styx / Lavastone Terrain Tray - Multi-pack 1
Spouted Floor/Std Cavern Paint - Unpainted 1
Lava To Caverns Transition Pack - Unpainted 2
Lava Banks Megapack - Unpainted 1
Magma Flow Phantasmal Filter 1
Large Stone Banks/Std Cavern Paint - Unpainted 1
Encounter 1 - Crucible Chamber - Unpainted 1
Lava Trifecta Terrain Pack - Unpainted

Red Roleplay
Yellow LOTR
Blue Massive Darkness
Lt blue Pirate game
Black bling

I wish I pledged for another natural bridge. :( I will have time to get another from the store 8-)
I could not remember what I got :?
I did pick up more natural bridges
OldmanWillow AKA OldEnt. Customer and fan from 1996 onward!

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