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Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 1:20 am
by JenneyOC
Q: Will the 2 exclusive resin capstone pieces only be available for the top level pledge, or will you be able to add them on other pledges?

A- Uncertain for now. They are currently exclusive to the All Hell Breaks Loose pledge level.

UPDATE: All the Resin pieces have been released in ALL-ON packs. Though they will remain exclusive to this Kickstarter run. They will NOT BE EVERGREEN, and this will be the only run of them. There "may" be some overage stock generated during this run, and DF will determine the best way to sell those items, but the casting run will NOT be repeated. Once they are sold out, they are sold out forever.


Q: are the exclusive pieces in the "All Hell" pledge going to be addons? Or will they literally only be available for spending $3800?
A: At this moment, the collector's resin piece are only part of the All Hell Breaks Loose pledge level. We'll have more info on them later in the campaign, but they are quite literally not ready to show yet.


Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 5:45 pm
by JenneyOC
Q: Is the Den of Evil Hellscape Gate/Resin Exclusive KS Edition painted?

A:yes, the Resin Hellscape Gate comes only in painted. Dwarven Forge doesn't sell unpainted resin, it's meant to be a collector's item and display piece right out of the box.


Q: can you confirm it has the same paint scheme as the rest of ks6.66 and not the original Den of Evil?

A: (Elye) the resin gate is built around an unusual natural structure-- a sort of lava stalagmite cluster-- which has its own unique color. But my understanding is that the floor area will get a new paint scheme so it goes well with the rest of KS 6.66