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Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 4:29 am
by JenneyOC
Q: With so much scatter, it might be nice to have a list of which pieces have anchor magnets. I'm assuming it's most items.

A: Most if not all pieces will have anchor magnets


Q: I was wondering if there was a way to buy just the accessory pieces? I would love to have trees, rocks and other cool things to use to enhance my collection of 2d maps I already have.

A: Look at the starter and wargame starter sets to begin. You can add add-ons for the rest. Or start with the $10 Build Your Own Pledge. It gives you access to all the add-on sets.


Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 1:08 am
by JenneyOC
Q: Does the Wyverstone Scatter pack include poles and bases to use with the pieces? Or are they purely flat. (I have a campaign I hope to do sometime that will involve a lot of floating islands.)

A: This pack has no rods. But the forthcoming Driftstone pack will include rods. These pieces serve as fantastic bases for the driftstones, but don’t work well as floating stones themselves.


Q: Does the Wyverstone scatter pack come with any of the stands and stand bases? For drift-style elevation?

A: The pieces in the Wyverstone scatter pack are not the driftstones (though they look similar as both contain Wyverstone). There will be a separate pack of driftstones that includes the clear bases and vertical rods. The pieces in the Wyverstone scatter pack can, however, be used as alternate bases for the driftstones.