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Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 4:47 am
by JenneyOC
Q: I noticed even the new terrain trays have grids now. Will a "no grid" option be available for the trays?

A: Currently there are river WATER terrain trays in the forest and the mountain. There are swampy WATER 24"x24" textured mats in the swamp. And there is a Forest and a mountain Battleboard. Currently the terrain trays do have grids baked in underneath the texture, as does the swamp water mats. The battle boards do not have the texture, but also do have subtle grids. The clear grid overlays did not work optimal over top the texture which is why the grids were baked in underneath.


Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 1:23 am
by JenneyOC
Q: Are you guys planning on having alternate terrain trays...thinking a tray with dirt on one side and sand on the other...with all the escarpments and bank tiles this will make great seaside cliffs and deserts and islands and negative build roads etc…

A: There are a variety of other designs that might appear as add-on options, depending on interest and how high the campaign goes.


Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2020 2:11 am
by JenneyOC
Q: can you show what the waterfall would look like with some of the water terrain trays from previous Kickstarters

A: ... zwX2KRa0rQ at 39 min Nate shows them off.


Q: What is the difference between Terrain Trays, Battle Boards, Water Mats, and Floor Tiles.

A: Terrain Trays are sheets of metal surrounded by Neoprene with a printed image on both sides. They are 12”x12” and textured. The do have a bit of fabric overhang around the metal.

Battle Boards
are the thickness of a DF Floor, made of plastic, also with a metal plate, with a printed image on the top and magnets on the bottom to support stilt pillars to raise the tray up, or to adhere a terrain tray to raise it up to floor level. They are flush to edges, with no overhang.

Water mats are just mats with the textured images but contain no metal. They are 24”x24” and single sided.

Floor Tiles are full sculpted floor pieces that come in various sizes from 1”x1” up to 6”x6”.


Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2020 1:12 am
by JenneyOC
Q: I wanted to know if the standard magnetic terrain trays from the last few kick starters are going away in favor of the new boards this kick starter?

A: For now, we just have traditional Terrain Trays for the new River water designs. The Forest and Mountain Battle Boards have very similar artwork to previously release Terrain Tray designs. Remember that the back side of Battle Boards have magnetic attachment points to use any existing Trays you already have.

A: (Elye) We're definitely not getting rid of the Terrain Trays! The Battle Boards are an addition to our product line, not a replacement


Q: Does that mean that DF are moving away from terrain trays? Aren’t the battle boards a lot thicker than the trays? I would rather stick with trays but if DF are moving away?? Do they mix and match ok or is there a large elevation difference?

A: It doesn't mean they're done with Terrain Trays, the combo of Battle Boards for height and surface level water (Terrain Trays and Swamp Mat) just fit the needs better for this campaign.

The Battleboards are the thickness of a floor yes, or the thickness of a Terrain Tray + Short Stilts without having to mess around with the stilts. They offer quick, wide open building at the same elevation as other forest & mountain floors, sitting a little above the water grade so you can edge them with banks or ledges.


Q: What are the chances of a Swamp Terrain Tray (12x12) showing up? Essentially the 2'x2' mat but in smaller TT style.

A: Extremely high chance of that TT appearing


Q: what kind of light brings out the reflection so well on the water terrain trays?

A: Light opposite of the camera which is causing great reflection.


Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2020 4:28 pm
by JenneyOC
Q: "Will the 'reverse side' of the raging river terrain tray match with either of the previous water terrain trays from Dungeon of Doom or caverns deep?"

A: no - this is "above ground" water vs. the previous "underground" water? Besides, this has the new water texture on top, so it wouldn't match anyhow.


Q: “Will the Mountain Lake texture mat be the same art as the Mountain Lake side of the Raging River terrain tray?

A: They will match. Same with the forthcoming Swamp Water and Dismal Quagmire TT’s


Q: I'm confused weather the "Raging River Terrain Trays" have grids or not. I would prefer terrain trays without grids. The multipack does not mention w/grid but many of the other packs says w/grid. Please clarify.

A: Currently ALL TT, Mats, and Battleboards HAVE GRIDS. Nate has talked about a KSer wide poll following the end of the campaign but before the Pledge Manager asking if Gridless had interest. This would be ADD-ONs only and could not be swapped out of the pledge levels, as that would be a fullfillment nightmare for the factory/warehouse. I would plan your pledge with the assumption that ALL TT,Mats, Battleboards within pledges will HAVE GRIDS.