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Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2020 11:09 pm
by JenneyOC
Q: I've noticed several LED pieces have a remote (in this kickstarter and others). I've never really used those pieces, but I started thinking about it today. What happens if the remote goes out?

A: (Loyal Backer) If the remote dies I suggest you put a new battery in it. But the LED wouldn't go out. They also have their own on off switches. Also all the remotes are the same.

A: (Loyal Backer) Having bought several lead light bulbs, and light straps over the years that all come with similar remotes, you can usually use any LED remote for them but some buttons may be configured differently depending on how different the remotes are.


Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2020 1:17 am
by JenneyOC
Q: Anyone know how long the LED lights run for before needing a battery change (approx.)? Are the batteries relatively easy to replace ?

A: (Elye) The batteries are quite easy to replace - all the battery operated pieces have removable panels that give you easy access. I don't have any hard numbers on run time, but we've run LEDs nonstop in our layouts during booth hours at conventions and they'll generally go for a couple days' worth of booth time. It does vary a bit from piece to piece, depending on the battery size (we use two different sizes of standard watch batteries depending on the size of what they go into) and the number of LEDs each battery is running.

A: (GeekJeff) It varies by piece, but for me they've run for more than one full gaming session on a single set of fresh batteries - so that's 8 hours plus. The remote controllable, color changing LEDs get less runtime. In all cases, it's important to turn them off at the switch when you're done for the session. DF has historically used CR2032 button cell/watch batteries, which are easily available in bulk. Check Amazon for many available brands.


Q: I am a bit concerned with one thing. The Glamourleaf and the other pieces with Fibre optic LEDs. How hard is it to paint them? I am worrying breaking those fibre optics and maybe even get them stuck deeply into a finger…

A: Should be relatively easy to wrap the fiber optics in masking tape and then paint away! Fibre optics fibers are quite robust as long as your not trying to break them.