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Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2020 4:20 pm
by JenneyOC
Q: Absolutely loving the Heart packs!!! One query though: the Heart of the Mountain shows four pine trees in the build, but lists five: 3 small and 2 large. Now, I'm sure we would love five, but....I assume there are shenanigans there?

A: A sneaky tree escaped from the photo, as trees sometimes do.
It contains 3 small conifers.


Q: So let me get this right in order to do the Heart of the swamp add on I need to at least pledge for the bag or dice then add the Heart add on to that. And with the Heart add on I would still get the stretch goals?

A: Yep, that is correct.


Q: Can we please get dimensions for the heart of the ____ pledges?

A: Heart of the Forest:
roughly 24” by 18”, plus a bit from the ledges

Heart of the Mountain:
roughly 21” by 18”, plus a bit from the ledges

Heart of the Swamp:
the layout on the cover image is about 25" x 23"


Q: How do I change my pledge to Heart of the Forest?

A: The Heart of the Forest is only available as an add-on, so you would have to select a different pledge level - Pack for Battle or one of the die pledges if you wanted the smallest level possible; or a Starter if you wanted - and then add the Heart of the Forest as an add-on pack.


Q: Today, I would like to request clarification regarding the "select bonus stretch goals" accompanying each of the Heart pledges. I know a few bits of info were noted previously - the Reality Rupture and Seal of Binding being included in all, for example, the Crimsonclaw Wyvern not being included - but when it comes to the select bonus stretch goal inclusion in the Hearts, it's all still a bit murky to me, and I'd appreciate having a list somewhere - especially when it comes to important pieces like the new Hole Knoll, etc. Does that exist somewhere, and can someone point me to it if so?

A:You'll be able to see exactly what stretch goal each Heart pack gets here in their own, dedicated area of the Wildlands site:


Q: WHAT is Heart of the Swamp supposed to mean? A SG to "expand" an unreleased pack seems a bit weird.

A: The Heart packs are geared towards people who want all sculpted Dwarvenite floors - no Battleboards, Terrain Trays, or Mats included - and are priced somewhere between the Explore pledges and the Mega builds. They will also get some stretch goals.