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Post by JenneyOC » Fri Aug 28, 2020 4:35 pm

Q: I have a question that may be an artistic travesty, but here goes. (Apologies to the stone sculptors.) How much effort would be involved in cutting the Wyvernstone crystals off the rocks so that I would just have plain rocks. If could do that I would hope to mount the now disembodied crystals on shafts and make matching holes in the rocks so that I could have either / or pole accessories. Is the Wyvernstone mostly just attached at the surface so it would be easy to slice off or does it tend to be embedded into nooks and crannies so that removing it would require blasting. If I could do this my historical minis would fit right in? Thanks.

A: (Elye) as one of the stone sculptors I say-- go for it! Modding pieces is an honored part of our hobby. We create this stuff for you folks to use in whatever ways you see best, and are always impressed by backers' creativity.

It'll depend on the pieces how easy it is to remove the wyverstone, however. Some of the wyverstone clusters are mostly wyverstone, and you wouldn't be left with a whole lot if you remove it (at the very least you'd need to do a little remedial sculpting where it was removed). On some of the others, the wyverstone element is much smaller. We did embed it in the stone as if it were a natural inclusion, so it won't always be a matter of cutting it off cleanly, but I expect some careful work with an exacto knife could achieve that without too much trouble in some cases at least. I'd suggest looking carefully at the field guide to get a sense of which pieces this is likely to work on and which it isn't.

A: (Rabbit) We like the Wyverstone as most of our builds are non-terrain. What we like even more is the attitude.

'Don't like our sculpts? go ahead and mutilate them to your hearts content we don't mind :)' Just post pictures :)

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