Reinforcing Ikea Alex drawers for DF storage?

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Re: Reinforcing Ikea Alex drawers for DF storage?

Post by zenako » Sat Sep 01, 2018 4:50 pm

It also somewhat depends on exactly how much dwarvenite you plan on putting in each drawer. Single height stacks, might not require much, but double or triple and the weight adds up. Also, the new walls with the metal tabs can pack real tightly and put a lot of load in a small space. Add in all the floor tiles and you can have basically solid material filling the drawer. That is partly why I just went to a nice metal heavy duty tool chest on 5" casters. The solid wood top looks nice and is convenient and with it on casters, I can roll the chest back under the spiral stairway when not in use. (Each of those drawers can hold 50-100lbs and with 10 drawers that is a lot of stuff!).

So if you are not really dense packing the pieces, you can get away with some minimal extra support on each drawer, but if you plan on loading them up, you are well advised to get some extra support on the bottom of those drawers. One easy way is to get something strong and stiff and not too thick to fill the inside of the drawer bottom. That will let that support take the weight and spread it around the perimeter and not sag the middle which can tend to cause the bottoms to pull out of the sides. Sheets of plexiglass or thin plywood can work. Putting extra supporting braces on the backside is good, but does require more work. At a minimum would be one serious support across the middles (either from front to back or side to side. You could just use wood glue to attach the support and that should give it some extra stiffness to avoid the sagging problem.

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Re: Reinforcing Ikea Alex drawers for DF storage?

Post by AnimeSensei » Sat Sep 01, 2018 1:21 pm

If it's on carpet, you will need some kind of risers (1/2" maybe? Depends on the carpet) or the wood in the front under the bottom drawer will bend upward slightly due to the carpet pushing it up and make your bottom drawer harder to pull out and put back in. Experience talking here. :)
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Re: Reinforcing Ikea Alex drawers for DF storage?

Post by pacarat » Sat Sep 01, 2018 12:09 pm

do a seach on "alex". there at least three threads that talk about ways to reinforce the drawers (pics in there too...).

It's worth the effort, IMO. :)

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Reinforcing Ikea Alex drawers for DF storage?

Post by szabbran » Sat Sep 01, 2018 12:00 pm

Hi all,
After trying to sort my DoD pieces, caverns and CBS today in my large storage tub/gallon sized ziploc solution, I've finally folded and bought some Ikea Alex shelves for flat-file storage. I'd much rather spend my limited time building/playing than trying to dig through tubs to find the pieces that I need, so I'm excited to get these set up!

I know I've heard in the past that they may need some reinforcement to adequately support full drawers of dwarvenite. Has anyone done this that can offer any tips? I think Lady Sabelle (maybe?) was mentioning it during the last KS. Bonus internet points if you have any pics of how you reinforced yours that I can shamelessly copy!

I bought two units, but the plan at the moment is to stack them side by side rather than on top of each other. I'll also plan on removing the casters to have them sit flat. It is on carpet in the basement, so if anyone's had issues with that I'd also be interested.

Otherwise, if all goes well, I'll share some storage pics once I get everything sorted.

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