What add-ons in the PM have you committed to?

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Re: What add-ons in the PM have you committed to?

Post by SpaceMonkey » Mon Sep 03, 2018 2:30 pm

Second Dreadhollow
Natural Bridge
Second Rope Bridge
2 more Camp Packs
Second stone banks
Cave Cliffs

Probably third stone banks and some forest banks

Less likely: trifecta pack, crooked corner pack, some passages, floor pack (or maybe a core pack 8 or 11 in lieu of the preceding packs), and some combo of additional terrain trays.

Doubtful: second dock, second boat, second ruins, second adventure pack 5 (dwarven doors)

Eric Zimmer
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Re: What add-ons in the PM have you committed to?

Post by Eric Zimmer » Mon Sep 03, 2018 2:26 pm

Ok... This list is going to be long... have to cut some stuff out:

2 x Natural Bridge pack ( cause you don´t get one in the DCD)
Stone Banks Pack (great with all the terrain trais)
Dungeon Ruins Pack (more ruins for the Dungeon of Doom)
Camp pack (cheap stuff to bling your dungeon/cave)
Entrance Riser Pack ( cause you only get one of these beautys in the DCD)
Cave Cliff Pack ( for more elevation builds )
Cave Door Pack ( more doors - great value)
Adventure Pack 5 ( love the door & the broken version)
Mimic Pack (looks great, price is fine)

If these are offered:
Forrest terrain trays (12x12) at least 2
Forrest banks (1-2 packs)

As I said... If I really upgrade my pledge to DCD, I´ll have to cut some of these out...
And maybe I have to add one or two tree-packs...
To be honest, everythings depends on the arrival of my first DoD pledge... Hope
I´ll get it before the PM closes. If I love what I see/have in hands I´ll go for the big one.

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Re: What add-ons in the PM have you committed to?

Post by zenako » Mon Sep 03, 2018 2:11 pm

I panicked for a minute thinking that the DF PM had already come out and somehow I missed the notice!!

Since I only pledged for a low Starter level pledge (albeit with a lot of bonus bucks behind it), I will have a LOT of flexibility once the PM opens. Planning on some ruins, and the water-based encounters and the woods mainly.

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What add-ons in the PM have you committed to?

Post by bernyleung » Mon Sep 03, 2018 1:16 pm

So far, just three for me.

Drift Stone pack (Underdoom painted)
Stalagmite pack (Underdoom painted)
Ice Walls pack (painted)

I figure pretty much everything I'll need is already in E1-11. Was considering the Adventure pack containing Crystal Cavern Heartstone, but probably not for that price to chase that piece.

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