Advice sought: Apple Barrel and FolkArt paint

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Re: Advice sought: Apple Barrel and FolkArt paint

Post by Rabbit Burner » Thu Nov 01, 2018 7:49 am

Some fabulous ideas here :)

Clearly we are not as advanced painters as most here, we just use colours out of the pot (thinned of course) but no mixing for any large batches of colours, uniforms, walls etc.

The only mixing we do is on things like flesh and power/magical swords then its more blending.
These things are such that is not at all vital that the mix ratio of the colours is the same, in fact with flesh it is better that there are some differences.

Given that we paint armies we started using established paint schemes so we just follow online instructions so its easy to reproduce the paint job for any units you add later.
We have a more bespoke paintjob on our Necrons but again there is no mixing but we have a word doc recording what colours are used for what features. It can be vital to get the correct basecoat colour to glaze over to achieve a constant effect across the entire army.
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Re: Advice sought: Apple Barrel and FolkArt paint

Post by Trollface » Fri Nov 02, 2018 6:20 pm

I have used apple barrel et al for terrain, including DF and gotten good results. For large bones pieces and sometimes dwarvenite, I use folk art glass and tile medium mixed with the base coat for the first coat. It makes a great primer for hydrophobic plastics.

As far as recipes, there is a fantastic android phone app called "Paint Rack" which has all the sku's for all the hobby brands of paints. It allows me to keep track of all my paints and store the sets I am using for individual pieces. It takes up a lot less space than a binder, but can be erased with a factory reset of your phone :oops:
So do keep a backup.

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