I want more windows!

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I want more windows!

Post by Duncan_and_Dragons » Sat Apr 20, 2013 12:57 pm

I want more straight wall with windows. So far I see nothing with add-ons involving windows and one window per set is not enough. I was hoping for two per set or an add-on for windows.

I was going to use Game Tiles for my buildings. I was going to finally get some MBS and build some two floor stone and half timber buildings. I figured the "low" door and "brickish" stone walls would go well as buildings. It would also let me do things like adding some moss and ivy to outside of a few walls to give it character.

Actually I thought I was going to have to cut my own windows (narrow to be windows or arrow slits in castles) but now that have seen the cool arched windows, I want them instead. I like the fact that they are different then the older windows from ABS2, WA2 & Ruins. And the advertised idea of using them for temples is awesome. But temples need rows and rows of windows (or else would be an evil dungeon temple).

I am going to suggest a trade, but I don't know what I am willing to give up.

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