Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade


Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by DustyC » Thu May 02, 2013 10:31 pm

If you give each tile an alternative skin, you could allow the users to print out "hand-drawn" versions of the maps they make. See the attached image for a unimpressive rendition of this idea.

Basically, I'm asking that you integrate a make-printer-friendly button. Bonus points if it looks hand-drawn or old-timey!
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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by TexasStu » Thu May 02, 2013 8:57 pm

I'd have to agree that mapmaker should be centered on DF tiles and not overreach what it is supposedly for (making DF tiles maps with regards to a user's inventory.
I also don't think it should be server-based, but saved profile(s) locally on our computer.
I see no reason DF should bog their bandwidth.
Conversely, I do think if the 'app' were available on mobile devices it would allow a user to design a dungeon 'remotely' and export/import it to themselves or others via email, etc.
I love most of the suggestions that remain within the scope of the tool though!
Setting a personal profile/inventory, table space, borders, ease of use, etc. would improve mapmaker and allow a GM to get the most of their dungeons. Being able to save the image would allow sharing or importing to another application where the user can make notes, sketches, footnotes, add traps and populate their dungeons with monsters!

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by tangleknot » Thu May 02, 2013 8:29 pm

Being able to make a map is nice and all, but when your finished your only half done...

I'd like to be able to place monsters, traps, npc's and dungeon dressings into the map, Even if all we have is "tokens" to represent these items/villains.

I would also like my dungeons to have multiple floors, and although I have no idea how to show that using the map maker I hope its a consideration when the upgraded one is made.

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by Frog » Thu May 02, 2013 3:53 pm

-Catacombs/Catcombs2 support
-Ability to save maps to your DF account and export them as .pdf

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by shoesan1 » Thu May 02, 2013 3:34 pm

I kinda think that things like hiding sections of the map, and fogging, and so forth, might be out of scope for what MapMaker is. Its not really a tool to design modules with, or run games from a computer with. Its a tool to help you design what your table top 3D environment looks like. Would fogging and such be nice? Perhaps. But it doesn't further what Dwarven Forge is trying to do with getting people to play games using 3D terrain. If you actually build your map and play it, there is no need for fogging on MapMaker.

I'm not trying to be a nay-sayer here. I just think some of these things are outside of what MapMaker is. As someone who works on projects for a living, in project based management, there often appears something known as scope creep. People offer great ideas, but sometimes, even though they are cool ideas, they are not ideas that lend themselves to what the project is actually trying to accomplish. I think some of these suggestions might qualify, though I am certainly not the real judge.

There are products out there that can do some of those types of things already. I have used Fantasy Grounds before, and it is an awesome tool to conduct games over the internet. With MapMaker, you could design a floorplan, screen capture that image, and input that into Fantasy Grounds, and then all of these other things could be applied to it using that software.

I think MapMaker should focus on allowing people to do Dwarven Forge things... help design maps quickly that you know you can then build with the pieces that you own. And keeping an inventory of what you have to work with can go hand in hand with that. Adding all of the Master Maze products to MapMaker, adding user inventory, and adding some of the "ease of use" features (i.e. "grouping" and "quickly selecting other pieces") all take money to implement. Adding even more features always requires more money. At some point, I would rather see capital invested in restocks and new Master Maze and Game Tile products then using it in a way that makes MapMaker a tool so good that you no longer care as much about the actual 3D terrain for your game.

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by Schardek_Thunderkin » Thu May 02, 2013 12:32 am

I think there is a lot of potential for the mapmaker to become a standalone tool. I would like to see this refined to be something that can be used without the game tiles. As such it could help draw in new buyers who start out using an essential tool and end up wanting the tiles it's built around.

What I most would like to see added is the ability to link a tile to a text window. This would allow a DM to seriously plan a dungeon ahead of time by being able to make notations of trap locations, room contents, and monster placement in the tool they're already referencing for the map layout.

I also think integrating this program into the smartphone and tablet app market would be worth the effort. Firstly you're making the program much more mobile as a referencing tool. Secondly it will serve as marketing for your tile production by opening yourselves up to a new user base. This will make creating a mapmaker that is a stand alone dungeoneering tool more worthwhile.

The last thing I'd like to see done with the mapmaker is the ability to "fog" and highlight areas. We've all been in a group that doesn't finish a dungeon in one sitting. Such a simple mechanic could prove invaluable for tracking a parties progress through their dungeon over multiple sittings.

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by swcorwyn » Wed May 01, 2013 6:10 pm

I think an option to shade or hide sections of the map, so that you can print maps for your players to see, while hiding anything you want to surprise them with.

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by dandare » Wed May 01, 2013 5:43 pm

Some amazing and detailed ideas.

Couple of minor points:
- Good support for printing the 'List' of pieces in a checklist. Grouped by 'set' to help when going off to our cupboards and shelves to then 'gather' all the parts.
- Allow 'Text Notes' onto of the plan. I would like to add notes. e.g- "Throne room". "Altar Room" etc.
- Set 'Print areas'. So I can 'print' an area or room etc at a zoomed in view. (So i can then write up my module and have a A4 flip book of my rooms and maps.
- A 3D / simple isometric view would solve many of the 'stacking issues'.
- A 'link' from one square to another, elsewhere on the design plan. E.g - Top of a stair, linked to another set-up (with a dotted line etc) and up through a stair in a floor tile.
This also helps with really large set ups as well as 'Magic portals' etc..

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by Tdub415 » Wed May 01, 2013 3:27 pm

I really like the ideas listed so far, namely the "real world" size boundary. Being able to tell the program what pieces you have and have a 'restrict' or 'relaxed' toggle to prevent you from using more pieces than you have, or allow it to go above how many sets/addons you have would be nice for just playing around making things.

I don't know how doable it would be, but being able to put down a few rooms (snapped to a grid) and then clicking a button to 'auto-generate' using up to the number of pieces you've told it you have would be handy. That way you could make a room or two that are custom tailored to the situation, and allow the program to 'fill in' the rest of a basic dungeon.

Another idea would be to allow for multiple 'floors' in the same dungeon. You can easily do this if you just have one 'map' for each floor, but this way you could have multiple floors of the dungeon in one saved file?

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by LordDust » Wed May 01, 2013 1:58 pm

I heartily second Shoe's suggestions. You could also go a wee bit further with the inventory feature... if you load an awesome map someone else made and you love it, have a button you can click that will generate a list of the pieces you need past what you have loaded in your inventory. That way if you want to make someone else's killer dungeon you have a shopping list for the missing pieces you need. A great selling tool for DF and a handy feature for the fans at the same time!

I also really like Philomorph's idea of being able to set a "real world" sized boundary so you can make sure a creation will fit on your playing surface without doing as much work outside the tool.

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