New Poll: What should the first Sci-Fi Accessories set be?

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New Poll: What should the first Sci-Fi Accessories set be?

Post by Law » Thu Sep 22, 2005 8:08 am

Be a little more imaginative L than just "beds".
We are talking living, sleeping, eating, washing, and recreating facilities at the very least when we speak of "quarters" L.

Have you been in a hospital lately L?
There is far more involved than just, once again, "beds".
Computers, diagnostic machines, office machines, etc. are all involved here.

Yes, yes, I know. My own quarters, for example, are not quite so spartan. I was just exaggerating to make a point. Like I said, I'd like to see it ALL. I just feel that the equipment in HQ is the most elaborate and, well, fun.
How many Star Trek episodes feature scenes on the bridge? How many in someone's quarters?

Perhaps the fantasy analogy is misleading, but I was picturing command HQ accessories as roughly similar to whatever part of a dungeon is the heart of its activity, whatever the goal of an adventuring party might be. The inner sanctum of a secret sect, the wizard's library, the dark priest's altar.... The garrison, the quarters, the treasury -- these are all fun, too, but they don't elicit the "wows!" from a gaming group that the main chamber does.

Scenario I am currently working my group through is the one from the Kell Hound book from BT.
Quarters, of which there are twelve involved, are highly critical to the adventure.
Kuritan assassins out to kill all of the Kell Hounds.
Quarters are not just the place you go through going somewhere else!

Well, of course, one can come up with all sorts of scenarios. I was thinking of which scenarios are the most popular and common. The main objective could involve the head, but that doesn't mean it has to be the first accessory made! ;)

Engineering is far more than just a starship section L.
Have you not worked at a faciliity L that has their own independent power plant for power?
What do you think engineering will be for the Gro-Po?
It will be the power facility for the base.

Gee whiz L, why did the Imperial forces even put boots on the ground on Hoth?
It was to take out the engineering section of Hoth Base - the power plant!

Oh! Hoisted by my own petard! ;) Yes, I realized even as I was writing it that the power generators will be just as significant as the command center for most scenarios, and that it would be similarly flexible. I'd say engineering would get 40% of my vote, and HQ would get 60%. It's close.
Plus, with enough giant engine accessories, you could make 3-D Doom!

Do both the Command/Ops set and the Engineering one.
That would please far more customers than doing just one set and waiting 3-4 months for the second set.

Hear hear! I would love to see both of these, as soon as possible.

I was just joking around when I was talking about the beds and things like that -- but I stick to my original point, that however important or useful some of these other elements might be, they would never be as flexible, or as eye-catching in a display, as what we'll see in HQ. The only exception is engineering, which would be just as important and flexible, but I doubt it would elicit the same kind of "wows!" from people watching the game....

After all -- the Empire may have wanted to destroy the power generators of Echo Base, but we never actually SAW them up close -- only from the viewport of the AT-AT. We DID, however, see a lot of action at command HQ, where they intercepted the Imperial Probe, where they staged the last defence of the base, where they watched the transports evacuate and planned the counterattack.....


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New Poll: What should the first Sci-Fi Accessories set be?

Post by MyLordVoid » Thu Sep 22, 2005 6:49 am

Ok... Just Realized Part of the Problem Here...

Admin Mentioned a Few General Ideas for What Might be Included in the Command Set, but Nothing about the Possible Items in the Other Sets... This is Leaving us to "Guess" about the Contents of those Sets... And Let's Face it, We are Gamers so we Have BIG Creative Imaginations, and Each of us probably sees the Set Contents the Way we "Want" them to be Personally... Perhaps If Admin were to be a little More Specific about "Their" Thoughts on these Sets we could all be a little more Objective...

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