The Deep Mama's Lair

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The Deep Mama's Lair

Post by szabbran » Tue Nov 13, 2018 8:51 pm

One of my recent campaigns revolved around the party trying to stop each of the members of a hag coven from wreaking their torments on the PCs hometown. I got to do a few big builds for this campaign. Shots below of the lair of the "Deep Mama", a green hag who made her home in the swamps south of the city, and was producing a poison that would turn the locals into rage monsters. She had a swamp troll assistant harvesting the poisonous mushrooms for her, and a tribe of sahuagin (freshwater variety I guess? or brackish?) had taken to worshiping her and providing muscle. The local fauna weren't exactly friendly either.

It was a fun build. I didn't own any dungeons at this point, but enjoyed the challenge of incorporating the mountains and caverns with stone CBS pieces. I'd love to redo a similar build with the KS6 pieces, I can imagine some wild possibilities. I made a lot of use of my plexiglass sheets here that could have been much better served if I'd had some terrain trays.

EDIT: Re-attaching pics as comment.
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