Games During Quarantine

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Re: Games During Quarantine

Post by Gargs454 » Tue Mar 24, 2020 3:52 pm

Yeah a week into social distancing and already I'm regretting being way behind the times on things like Hangouts, Discord, etc. Never used any of them. Currently my games are on hold while we wait to see how long the social distancing lasts (my guess is its going to be later rather than sooner). So I'll probably be looking into some of the assorted programs out there. One complication that my groups might have is that we have a number of husband and wife pairings (including Mrs. Gargs) between our two groups, and they would likely end up sharing a computer, so not sure how that will work.

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Re: Games During Quarantine

Post by Talistran » Tue Mar 24, 2020 3:48 pm

We have two games going. One already incorporates a player in another State, so we have been using a camera and Google Hangouts for a while. I have one camera that is on a tripod "above" the action from the north end of the table, and then we use a laptop camera to give a view from the side of the action. The remote player can switch back and forth between views. I've been wanting to set up a track system above the table and dangle a camera down that I can move around from a birdsye view, but haven't gotten around to making that happen yet.

The number two thing our remote player comments about is the ability to see things from different perspectives or "zoom" in sometimes. We've been doing it for two years and it works most of the time. But the biggest problem we had to begin with was that it was hard for him to hear other people. I bought a microphone for conference tables and that helped a LOT with audio on his end. Added computer speakers so that we could control his sound loud enough for everyone at the table to hear him. Set up a monitor at the far end of the table, so that everyone can "see him".

Anyways, just a few things that logistically we did with equipment already on hand. I have been thinking about using Zoom instead; I use it professionally and think the quality of the audio and video is better than hangouts. But hangouts is great and free. Zoom would require $15 per month if you wanted a session longer than 40 minutes ;) But only $15 for the host. Everyone else can join for free.

We use a Facebook group to post images and pictures, maps, etc. And for between session roleplaying, equipment gathering, logistics, etc.

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Re: Games During Quarantine

Post by zenako » Tue Mar 24, 2020 3:31 pm

For our game, we just postponed stuff. One of the main players does not have internet access at home unless he somehow gloms it off a neighbors connection. He used to take advantage of his work connection to catch up on stuff and now used to take advantage of free wifi at restaurants and the like when dining out (which he did daily since he hated cooking). So wondering how we get back in the saddle as well. Since we only played monthly, we have some time before the next session was planned, but it will be a question to look into. Google hangouts and perhaps sending out via email, static pictures of the layout when they need to see something would work. You could even do that in semi-realtime and not try to anticipate all they might do. Would also allow you to have complete set up that you photo and share as they advance. You coudl also bring up that image in Google Hangouts I believe by just displaying the picture on your screen when you are the active one.

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Games During Quarantine

Post by AnimeSensei » Tue Mar 24, 2020 3:01 pm

How are all of you running your games?

We have our first session in a week and a half and I'm trying to figure out how to get everything set up.

I don't want to go buy a bunch of stuff and I don't have the time to learn a whole bunch of new programs and make them integrate together. I want something as plug and play as possible.

Worst case scenario is I guess I have to learn how to run Roll20. :( Kind of a step back from DF layouts... I guess I could take photos and I've heard you can import. But that's a lot of time I don't have in regards to learning and implementing.

We did our world building session via Google Hangouts video chat last Friday. Is that a good option? Maybe just somehow hang my ipad from my ceiling and have it call in as a map, along with my cell phone for "me"? Or would a more isometric view be better from the side?

What is everyone doing to make the best of this?
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