Build It and They will come???

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Re: Build It and They will come???

Post by geekjeff » Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:29 am

As I slowly convince myself to switch from Capital to Empire, I think Imperial Streets may get dropped ironically. :shock:

As good a deal as Imperial Streets are, the value in the base sets/stretch deals is just too good. Hopefully I can pickup a set when they hit retail if I regret dropping it. In the meantime I'll have 9 months to play with other street building options - I do kind of want something that can handle non-square street layouts. Not a lot of medieval cities were actually planned or grew that way.

But for a drop it down and go solution, Stefan's streets are damn beautiful.

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Re: Build It and They will come???

Post by Magniopi » Thu Apr 30, 2015 10:25 am

I also skipped streets but added sidewalks, and for the same reasons.

Makes me curious about how each type of item sold for this Kickstarter. The streets seemed like the obvious piece to skip, but I wonder if those ordering three big sets countered those who skipped them.

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Re: Build It and They will come???

Post by dice4hire » Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:11 am

I also had to skip street as I could not really see them working well without at least 3 sets. I will be getting a couple sidewalks though, as they are probably the most versatile piece in the set, especially with DKI doors. Put the sidewalk piece between two 4x4 city floors and you have a space for a DFI door as an entrance and can make a hallway with sidewalk pieces leading to KSIII rooms. It should really stretch my Hamlet out a lot, I am hoping.
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Re: Build It and They will come???

Post by Arcarius2001 » Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:55 pm

I didn't do the streets for this kickstarter. I was already way over my initial budget (like spending 4x what was originally planned).
But seeing the posts of Valoria makes me realize some sort of permanent hardscape will look much nicer than just a terrain mat. So now I am searching and evaluating various terrain boards, 3D mats, etc.
I did pledge for sidewalks so I figure a combination of those and whatever it is I decide to buy in lieu of streets will suffice. For a while.
I am also adding to my collection various statues, wells, fountains, etc.
Plus, of course, always more villagers.

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Build It and They will come???

Post by Limbolance » Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:02 am

So, in preparation of the arrival of my new "bouncing baby Dwarvenite" next year. I was planning on some changes to the "Nursery"...

1) Street Posts
Gonna take the Street Post idea and run with it, making posts for my Thorpe (instead of street signs). Griffin Lane (leading to the North or Griffin Gate), Crown Road (leading to Main Gate), Bridge road (leads to bridge to island where the Manor is located) and Dock Road (to the pier/dock/warehouse area) will have symbols placed on the appropriate side of each of the posts and be added to my streets.
2) Wicked Alleys
Since the Alley pack lacks variety and grates and drains - I'm either gonna make my own or buy some.... For a Thorpe, a 2" wide street with walls on either side should be plenty. Gonna learn how to make masters and pour molds.... I hope....
3) Moat
Got me some extra water tiles - think I'll wait till sewers arrive to "match then up". That way I hope to be able to use them for both a dirty moat and for sluices and for caverns and for dungeons...
4) Thorpe Central Market
Seeing how nice Valorias is has made me rethink some things about my Thorpe... Still keeping my Maypole though...
5) Remodel
So, his Lordship has decided that the Thorpe is getting paved main streets (alleys still unpaved dirt and gravel); a limited sewer run (Market, Manor and Temple areas); canals will be widened slightly (3 feet to 4 feet to allow for Bridge); Towers will become square (instead of round) - however, his Lordship still doesn't think wooden buildings inside the walls is a good idea and Is Entertaining the idea of allowing a expansion outside the walls by the Main Gate....

What ideas for your campaign has this raised for you? Changes? Suggested Add Ons (for KS4 Can't Keep your Money?)?

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