KS4 Replacement Pieces

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Re: KS4 Replacement Pieces

Post by Harneloot » Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:56 pm

Superb! - Thanks Nate and DF!

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KS4 Replacement Pieces

Post by natetaylor » Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:01 pm

Hi all!

I wanted to address some of the issues with KS4 and our plan for fixing the most egregious problems.

But first, know that we take everyone’s comments to heart. Although we don't often respond, we are reading your posts in detail, and discussing the problems and ideas expressed. The factory even reads the forums to see what people think of their work.

We are a very small team, and we can get spread thin quickly, especially when Gencon rolls around. We appreciate your patience and trust in us, and bearing with long periods of silence from us.

On the bright side, we learned a lot from the issues (and sheer scope) of KS4, and won't be repeating the mistakes from that campaign. I believe our execution of KS5 demonstrates our learning from the failings of the previous project. We're continuing to use these learnings to improve the manufacturing and QC process on our end, and I believe it will show in our future offerings (including KS5).

Below are three of the biggest issues that need to be fixed for KS4. For each of these issues, we ask you to write to us at dwarvenforgeinfo@gmail.com if you need a replacement.

The factory has asked that we return the old pieces to them, so we would like to honor this by requesting that you return your replaced pieces when the new ones are shipped.

Thanks for your patience, feedback, and continued support.


  • LED Lantern Posts:
    Problem: The LED socket on this post comes loose far too easily.

    We and the factory both recognize that we should have done a better job reinforcing the components inside this piece.

    We are going to make some new posts with reinforced internals. We expect to have them before the end of this year.

    If your post doesn’t work, please let us know, and we will send you a replacement.
  • Curved Tower Stairs:
    Problem: These stairs do not fit inside the opening of the floor above due to the tab protruding on the tower walls. In addition, they are extremely hard to use when stacking pre-assembled floors, which makes them more trouble than they're worth for gameplay.

    We apologize for this, it was an oversight on our end. We are making new stairs, which are shorter so they do not extend into the level above. This will solve both issues, at the price of some aesthetics (the distance from the top step to the floor above is a little large).

    This will require new sculpting and molding. We anticipate having these done right after New Year’s.
  • Tower Three Quarter Floor (the “Pac-Man” Piece):
    Problem: The cutout space in not a clean 90 degree angle. While these pieces still function fine, it is bothersome that the angle isn't right.

    According to the factory, the pressure of the mold caused most of these pieces to cast slightly off a 90 degree angle.

    They're making some replacements for us, and we can send them to you when they are ready (est. Dec-Jan).

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