My first KS5 Dungeon

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Re: My first KS5 Dungeon

Post by Rhizom » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:39 am

Well, photos would be nice. But honestly: I can't concentrate on those mini-videos you posted. Couldn't you perhaps just post a few photos?

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My first KS5 Dungeon

Post by Thwank » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:24 am

Above is a link to some photos of my first dungeon with KS5 stuff and a few misc pieces from ks3/4(leds and bar above entrance). I wasn't missing any of the unique pieces(besides the magnet in one of the tools to pull up trap floors),but I got an extra lever and key pedestal from encounter 3. I also made some large terrain trays by spray painting some metal sheets from home depot with 2 people I was to move a mostly loaded sheet around, but I think I will need to reinforce them so that they are more rigid since they are so large.

I also made a torn picture with a riddle poem on the back to lead them through the dungeon.The context for it is that one of the characters(the last of her line and in hiding) found it while in her abandoned childhood summer home.

I'm excited to get the rest of my pieces particularly the elevation and puzzle ones, so far my favorite pieces are the trap floors and the tool to pick them up, I will definitely get more trap floors from the shop once I can.

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