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Resin Lake Sets

Limited Time and Limited Quantities

Please note: Submissions ended on November 30, 2018.  If your email has been selected, you will hear from us during the month of December.

We have a very small quantity of resin Lake Sets (about 70 all together). Rather than posting them in our webstore, we’ve decided to do a small drawing from e-mails submitted here to offer the chance to buy these sets. They include:

MM-031 (Cavernous Lake Expansion Set) $159.00
025-CLW (Cavernous Lake Open Water)  $139.00
MM-024 (Cavernous River and Walls Set) $169.00

(So sorry, there are no Cavernous Lake Sets MM-025  in stock.)

MM-031 (Cavernous Lake Expansion)

MM-031 (Cavernous Lake Expansion)

025-CLW (Cav. Lake Open Water) 

MM-024: Cavernous River and WallsMM-024: Cavernous River and Walls

MM-024: Cavernous River and Walls


After December 1, we will randomly choose e-mail addresses, and offer the sets, one per person, until we run out. You are not obligated to buy anything, but if your e-mail is chosen, we can only offer a short window of time for you to purchase your set (48 hours).  

Please – 1 e-mail submission per person; 1 set per person. (Multiple entries from the same person using different emails is not allowed and disqualifies your entries.)

Prices for the sets do not include shipping or applicable tax.

Questions?  Please email us at customersupport@dwarvenforge.com.