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Our Building Guides are now ready for all Construct-A-Castle sets! Artillery Post (for print) (15MB)   Artillery Post (web version) (2MB)     Barbican Gatehouse (for print) (29MB)   Barbican Gatehouse (web version) (3MB)     Corner Wall (for print) (8MB)   Corner Wall (web version) (1MB)     In-line Tower (for print) (14MB)   [...]

We’re thrilled to release the latest addition to our Castle Builder System – a new product line we call Construct-A-Castle. These new sets utilize our existing Castle pieces, but in brand new configurations. Each serves as a simple building block – wall sections, corner segments and standalone structures — which easily combine create the castle [...]

Tales of the fearsome Dungeon of Doom have spread far and wide, drawing bold adventurers from across the realm to test themselves against its legendary challenges. Their heroic efforts are chronicled in a new series of live play videos that includes members of our own team as well as eight of our favorite online broadcasts.

We’re pleased to present a series of actual play sessions from our favorite content creators as they brave the myriad dangers of the Dungeon of Doom

Can you navigate a massive, labyrinthine deathtrap in time to stop a bloodthirsty demigod from gaining unstoppable power? The Dungeon of Doom is a full-length adventure designed for both Dungeons & Dragons® fifth edition and Pathfinder rules. The dungeon is a massive, deadly sprawl that consists of 15 interconnected Encounters – each of which is part of our Dungeon of Doom product line.