1. You help us turn a dream into a reality - Without your support, we would never be able to create these stunning displays for your dice.
  2. Backers pay less - For your up-front commitment, our Kickstarter backers always get better prices than you’ll see on our webstore. This has been true ever since our first campaign. And we don’t have any retailers or distributors, anywhere in the world.
  3. Each new backer makes the campaign better - Your feedback and comments help us improve the campaign, and ever-higher pledge totals allow us to add in stretch goals to make the final product better for everyone.
  4. Backers get 100% of their set selections, guaranteed - It’s unlikely we’ll be able to offer this kind of a-la-carte assortment outside of the Kickstarter production run.
  5. We always ship to backers first before anyone else gets to buy the product - Only after all Kickstarter orders are fulfilled will our webstore feature an edited selection of Reliquaries products—at non Kickstarter prices. After limited inventory is gone, while some Reliquaries may be retired, other Reliquaries that get restocked require an additional wait.