New to Kickstarter?

Welcome! Here are some basics for pledging, and what happens after…

First, perhaps you’re wondering, “Why pledge now?” If so, please consider:

  • At Dwarven Forge, we treasure our Kickstarter backers. Their input, commitment and pledges truly fuel our product development.
  • The Reliquaries prices you see are Kickstarter-exclusive. They’ll never be this low again.
  • Kickstarter orders always ship to our backers before the product is available to anyone else.
  • Your Kickstarter product selections are guaranteed. After we fulfill your orders, we release a narrower selection of more limited quantities to the public on our webstore.

Second, you might be asking, “How do I pledge?” Some simple instructions:

Reliquary product options include Main Pledges (kind of main courses) and Add-ons (kind of like side dishes). To participate in a Kickstarter, you must select a main pledge. Add-ons are optional.

The Key Steps to Complete Your Pledge:

  1. Choose your Main Pledge by either:
    (a) Clicking “Back this project” on the top right of the Campaign Page. That will open a window and show all the main pledge choices on one page, from smallest to largest. Select your choice.
    (b) Scroll down the right-hand column of the page and review/select your main pledge without leaving the campaign page.
  2. After ensuring that your country is correct, click the green box to continue.
  3. Next, you’ll see the selection of Add-ons. Select the items/quantities you want, if any. Then press continue.
  4. Review your pledge summary and complete your checkout by pressing “Pledge”. You’re done! You should receive an email from Kickstarter to confirm.

Important notes about Shipping and Taxes:

Shipping and applicable duties/taxes are neither included nor charged through this process. Instead, we assess and collect these charges from backers after the Kickstarter. (We do this because Kickstarter itself does not have a practical way to calculate charges accurately.)

We want you to know -- in advance -- exactly how much your shipping and taxes will cost (especially if you are outside of the US, where these charges are higher). Accordingly, we have created a “Pledge Calculator” tool. Simply click here, enter your ship to country and your product selections. The tool will then calculate your total shipping and taxes, and also your grand total pledge cost. This tool does not “talk” to Kicktarter in any way, so it does not affect or sync with your actual pledge.

If you prefer not to be billed for shipping/taxes later, please add your shipping/taxes amount onto your total Kickstarter pledge.

Third, what happens next?

  • The Kickstarter Campaign ends at 9PM, US Eastern time. Until that time, you may go back and change your pledge anytime.
  • When the campaign ends, all pledges will lock and, if we‘ve met our funding goal, Kickstarter will process your charge.
  • Around late December, Dwarven Forge will launch the Reliquaries PledgeManager. This is a secure online application we use to:
    • Capture your shipping details (which we don’t get from Kickstarter).
    • Collect shipping and applicable tax (unless you added this amount to your Kickstarter pledge).
    • Finalize your specific Reliquary selections (e.g. do you want Eldritch or Artificer?).
    • Provide you a final chance for placing additional Reliquary selections into your order.
  • Receive our monthly backer updates, with ongoing progress reports, continuing until all backer orders are fulfilled.
  • This will be our 9th Kickstarter campaign. We know you’ve placed your trust in us – and we know how important it is to stay in touch and to deliver a great product to you!