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Plaguestone pre-sale has ended

Our Plaguestone Pre-Sale has ended. 

We recently launched  Plaguestone, a collection of new sets tied to the launch of Pathfinder Second Edition and officially licensed by Paizo. The Plaguestone line is designed to work with the inaugural 2nd Edition module “The Fall of Plaguestone”, as well as a stand-alone collection. These new sets create a massive encounter – the hidden lair known as “The Pen” – which is the climactic location at the heart of the module’s second act. ​ This offering ended on August 31 at 10pm.  If you have questions, please contact customersupport@dwarvenforge.com.

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Area 1 – Glen of Mutant Plants: A verdant scatter-based forest encounter made on terrain trays with trees, thorn walls, and vicious new mutant plants. 

Area 2 – Mountain Pen: A cliffside prison den hidden behind the thickset of the vile forest.  Made with equal parts scatter and terrain, watch out for toxic acid pools, as you try to free the captives from the new curved cages.

Area 3 – Cavernous Alchemy Lab: A cavern turned mad-alchemist lab hidden inside the mountatin.  This cavern terrain-based encounter is filled with accessories and evil new alchemical instruments.

Area 4 – Sinister Dungeon Lair: As you get through the laboratory, you reach a dungeon where the real evil experiments occur.  This Dungeon terrain is filled with new accessories for a necromantic experiment midway in the process.  Catch and stop the undertaker in the act!

If you participated in the pre-sale, you may pay for any balances due or change your address by clicking here.​

The pre-sale ended as of August 31, and deposits are refundable until October 1, 2019. We expect to ship these sets in April, 2020.​​

​​​Please note: the price that was charged as of August 31 is only a deposit. Next spring, when the products arrive in our warehouse, we will e-mail you a final invoice that will include the balance due plus applicable shipping and taxes.

If you are from New York or Connecticut, please note that sales taxes will be charged when you complete your purchase.