Encounter 06: Acid Bath - Unpainted NO ANCHOR MAGNETS

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A bubbling floor of caustic acid hisses as it erodes the dense stone walls, releasing clouds of noxious steam. Watch your step!

This version of this set does not include anchor magnets.

AV-516 Vaulted Dungeon Floor 2
AV-518 1x2 Dungeon Floor 6
AV-519 1x1 Dungeon Floor 4
AV-522 LED Socket Floor 2
AV-527 1x4 Dungeon Floor 6
ET-514J LED Serpent Brazier - Jade 2
EV-512 Dungeon Elevation Block 2
EV-513 Dungeon Ramp 2
EV-514 Dungeon Elevation Pillar 2
EV-516 Elevation Arch 4
EV-519 Dais 2x1 Platform 2
EV-522 Stair Jack 4
MI-045 Two-headed Crocodile 1
PS-501 Passage Wall 15
PS-502 Passage Wall (Magnetic) 2
PS-503 Passage Short Wall 4
PS-504 Passage Inside Corner Wall 2
PS-505 Passage Outside Corner Wall 4
TR-502 Magnetic Swinging Blade Trap 2
TT-503 12x12 Stone/Acid Mat 1
Encounter Area 6: Acid Bath - Unpainted