Dungeon Paint Pack (set of 4)

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This is a set of the four different paint colours you need to paint your unpainted Game Tiles pieces to match our color scheme.  Stefan mixed the colors himself to achieve his desired finish and to coordinate with our Expertly Painted sets.  He also formulated the viscosity of these water-based acrylics specifically for painting Game Tiles.  They don't need to be diluted (which waters down the pigments), and you don't need to prime your pieces.

The four colors (that come in generous 4 ounce bottles) include:

  • Base Gray
  • Earth Stone
  • Olive Dry Brush
  • Stone Edge Dry Brush

Be sure to visit our Painting Tips page HERE

There is enough paint in this 4-pack to paint at least 10 Game Tiles Sets.

Dungeon Paint Pack (set of 4)