Andrew 'Kenterell' Kell - Tomb of the Green Serpent

This fan build is from Andrew 'Kenterell' Kell, titled "Tomb of the Green Serpent".

This build was for the annual 12x12 Build of Forgemas challenge on the Discord, and features a beautiful custom paint scheme on the Forsaken Temple!

Here is what he says about the build:
"It was just an ordinary day in the Noontog's library. The group sat down and started to investigate the image of a green snake on the magical book cover they just found. The book itself appeared as a leather tome with deep emerald embossing on its cover. They knew it was published in the far northern lands of Xarmir under its blazing sun. But the green snake... there are no green snakes in the desert as Noks could recall...

I knew I need to do something with my Egyptian-or-sand-themed adventures. I had to paint the sandstone dungeon out of something. I wanted to paint it so badly for so long but could not find anything suitable. And the Forsaken Temple became the perfect match to do so: snakes, fancy pillars, fire patterns, and tons of LEDs. I could not imagine how detailed the set was before I started to paint it. The main sandstone paint scheme came up pretty easily maybe in 5-6 tries. The other colors were picked one by one during the process. It was an adventure by itself."

For this build they used:

"About a half of the Shrine of Sysuul, LED Eldritch Obelisk, 2 passage walls, 3 small terrain trays and some elevation blocks/wooden cubes/raisers/stilts to lift it up."