About Us - Dwarven Forge

We’re Dwarven Forge, a company of artists and gamers, dreamers and designers. Since 1996 we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the terrain we want for our own game tables.

We sculpt and paint most of our terrain by hand, striving to make every piece a miniature work of art. Since 2012, we have run 8 successful Kickstarter campaigns, expanding our product line to include dungeonscastlescavernscitiessewersburrowsforestsmountains, and more.

Our Backstory

Dwarven Forge was the brainchild of artist and lifelong gamer Stefan Pokorny. Stefan yearned for a terrain system to complement his collection of miniatures. As a classically trained sculptor and painter (MFA '92), Stefan dreamed of emulating the elegance of Roman, Greek, and English architecture from his studies, yet found nothing to suit his imagination.

So Stefan set out to sculpt the first-of-its-kind: a fully modular, 3-D terrain system that came fully hand painted. One that was beautiful and flexible, and that would unleash the dungeon master's creativity. With some key commercial partnerships in hand, Stefan unveiled his first dungeon sets at Gen Con '96 – and they sold out in 4 hours! Dwarven Forge -- and the modular terrain space -- was born.

Our Incredible Fans

Dwarven Forge has thrived because of our fans. Their passion, intelligence and feedback inspire every facet of our craft. If you are one already, we thank you from the bottom of our dwarven hearts. If you’re not, we warmly invite you to join our community.