Product Questions

These are some frequently asked questions about our products.

Dwarvenite is our proprietary PVC-based casting material. It’s tough, yet slightly flexible -- that’s what makes our pieces nearly indestructible!

Yes, there’s an easy at home fix we recommend. In the video below, Nate will show you how it works.

Dwarvenite is specifically designed to be flexible. On rare occasions pieces might lose their memory and warp. Here’s how to resolve this problem:

1.  Heat the warped piece long enough so it's pliable, but not too hot; 10 to 20 seconds should be enough to make it flexible. For a large piece, heat only the area that’s warped, not the whole thing.

2.    Over-correct the bend: While the piece is warmed up, don’t just bend it straight and stop; try to over-correct the bend and hold it there for a bit before you correct and cool it. By flexing the bend briefly in the opposite direction you’ll remove the stress in the material and effectively reset the piece’s "memory".

3.    Bad bends may need a repeat:  For really bad warping, it may take another heat/fix/cool cycle to permanently remove the bend. Set the piece out until it returns to room temperature. It may flex back slightly to the warped shape. That means you got most of the stress out of the bend, but not all of it. Another warm/cool cycle should do the trick; but hold the over-correct bend for a bit longer before you straighten and cool it.

Please download this PDF for information about which batteries work with our sets.

About Your Order

Here are some frequently asked questions about issues with orders and shipping.

Please email us at and, if possible, please provide us with:

·         Your order #

·         Your name

·         A description of the issue with any relevant set or piece SKU numbers (pieces SKUs are usually found on the bottom of each piece). Photos are also great if possible.

This will help us resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

We ship most orders within 3-5 business days - we do not ship on weekends or holidays.

Our orders ship from Connecticut (we use an independent shipping facility). We e-mail shipping notifications with tracking numbers once the shipment leaves the warehouse. 

Please note: when your order shows as “fulfilled” on our webstore, we have already sent the order into the warehouse’s shipping system – your order may not have shipped.

If more than 5 business days have elapsed and you have not received shipping notification, please contact us.

At the request of our warehouse, we cannot combine separately placed orders to ship together.

Yes. Some important details:

·         Shipping charges are auto-generated by the carriers based on the size of your shipment and your delivery address. 

·         Our webstore set prices do not include duties and taxes (e.g. VAT). Many countries tax both the product and the shipping cost.

·         If you choose a shipping option that does not expressly say “duties and taxes included," you must pay taxes and duties to the carrier at delivery.  Please note that we are unable to accept returns for packages with unpaid Customs charges.

·         In many countries, you will also have a shipping option that expressly includes duties and taxes.  If you choose this option, you will not be charged again for duties/taxes at delivery.

For UPS packages:

Please notify our customer support and we will create a service ticket. After a ticket has been submitted, most packages that are delayed start moving after a day or two.

For USPS packages:

We find tracking and shipping time less consistent with USPS – agents aren’t available to help us resolve these issues. Thankfully, nearly 100% of thesei ssues resolve themselves and the packages are delivered with a little extra time.  Of course, we will always ensure that you receive your order.

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