Dragos - Smoke on the Lava

Our first fan build is from Dragos, titled "Smoke on the Lava."

He was inspired by the "Descent into Avernus campaign."

Here is what he says about the build:

"The 11th level party explored a wrecked Hell spaceship-like structure, battling a Grell brood mother through the wreckage of the hull. Flying and jumping over toxic green, smoking, pools of siphoned Souls from the Styx, they battled two Hezrou brutes to reach the command level. Unlocking forcefield doors they made their way to the bridge and used laser canons to stop an invading murder of Vrocks. Below the party cautiously approached a door hidden behind lava and protected by scab-like talons growing out of the Hellish-surface in search of The Fallen Bleeding Citadel, wherein lies the object of their quest the Holy Sword of Zariel."

Close-up Stew

Crackling Lava

Far Shot

Fog and Lava

Froggy Demons

Full Scene

Hammer Time

Hezrous Close-up

I can taste the lava

Smokin' beast


For this build he used:

8 light panels, 3 magma river straights, 2 magma river curves, 2 lavafalls, foam riser mega pack, mega lava banks, 18 lava 2x2 pieces, 4 HS talons, 2HS stalagmites, Hellscape double doors, 8 DOD elevations blocks, 2 necro eye braziers, 8 lava/fire TT, 1/3 Den of Evil tiles, 6 wall of force, 2 Styx filters, DOD ledge pack, 2 CD banks, Fogmonster2, realfx terrain tile, 5 foam blocks, fatdragon sci-fi tiles, fatdragon shrine of orcus, purple lichen - Michaels, 2 realfx terrain rocks with LED pods