James Gregory - The Vault of Dragons

This week's fan build is from James Gregory, titled "The Vault of Dragons."

This is his first build, used to make a boss arena for his Dragon Heist game!

Here is what he says about the build:

"I was running the Dragon Heist adventure for my higher level party (12-13), and I wanted to make a dramatic final encounter with an Adult Red Dragon, where the environment itself was a threat and would feel like home for a dragon.

"So thematically lava felt like it fit nicely and would lend itself to a negative space approach, where my players would have make decisions about how to navigate the space and when to move near the lava (and take damage) to escape the dragon and its mobs.

"I also wanted to get elevation into the encounter and have a visual of the dragon rearing up to its full size while being over the players as they entered the room, so splitting the room up in to two sections felt like it would enable both those things.

"This was my players' first experience with Dwarven Forge (we use Roll20), so it really added to the climatic feel of the battle - especially as they eventually emerged victorious!"

Fan Build - Vault of Dragons

Fan Build - Vault of Dragons

Fan Build - Vault of Dragons

Fan Build - Vault of Dragons

For this build he used:

Zaltar's gameroom

Classic dungeon remaster core set

LED alcoves

2 12-by-12 terrain trays - one lava, one stone

Grand stair pack

Elevation block pack

Ancient pillars - Jade