Mar-Civac - Sullust Mining Base

This week's fan build is from Martin Oltmanns (Mar-Civac on Discord and Reddit), titled "Sullust Mining Base."

They've been running Star Wars games for a long time with spectacular use of terrain, and this build is no exception!

Fan Builds - Mar-Civac

Fan Builds - Mar-Civac

Fan Builds - Mar-Civac

Here is what they say about the build:

"My build is part of a Star Wars campaign I have been running for a few years now based on the events leading up to battle Malacore V that proceeds the original KOTOR 1&2 video games. I like the time period because their are lots of Jedi and they have a worthy opponents in the Mandalorian. The story follows the party that has rebelled against the council to follow Revan off to war to protect the outer rim. They are currently working for Kreia & Meetra Surik to build a trap using an old ruin on Malcore V.

"This months build was the party received a distress call from the planet Sullust. A Mandalorian defector named Bao-Dur has contacted Revans forces and wishes to defect to republic. Bao-Dur has partial plans for a gravity weapon that he can share with the republic for his rescue."

For this build they used:

Dwarven Forge Sci-fi Core Set x 3
Sci-Fi Hallways
Hellscape Advanced Lava Builder
Hellscape Floors & Walls x 3
5 light panels
Hellscape Advanced Lava River
Wizards of the Coast - Star Wars Miniatures
Imperial Terrain Kickstarter - Industrial District (3D Printed and Hand Painted)