Early development materials marking the beginning of Where Heroes Dare

An Introduction to the Where Heroes Dare Design Diary

Welcome to the Where Heroes Dare design diary!

My name is Stephen Baker. The Dwarven Forge development team and I will be posting weekly updates as this game develops further.

We want to give you an open window into our thinking, our goals, our accomplishments, progression, and failures as we strive to make a truly unique fantasy adventure for you to enjoy. We hope you find this of interest, and we hope you have comments too!

I want to give you some insight into how this all began. I left my full-time job in September of 2019. Having spent over 35 years in the Toy and Games business. I wanted to get back to what I love most, which is designing games. In particular, games that have a great spectacle. I am a long-time miniatures gamer, and many games I have designed over the years have this hallmark. I like games that are accessible, quick to play, and rich in story. I love miniatures and terrain, games that have what I call the theater of play.

In 2020, a passionate Dwarven Forge collector and friend of mine, William Collis, introduced Dwarven Forge and I. Dwarven Forge wanted to explore developing a game, and I wanted to design a new type of experience that would appeal to a wide range of players. Our first meeting was a huge success. We share so much passion for a rich dimensional environment and a fast-paced game packed with cinematic moments.

We have been working lightly on this for over two years and will provide some peeks at the very early designs. But for now, we are shifting gears. We are set for launch in October 2024, and we want you to follow us on our journey as we make this game, this experience, this adventure real for all to enjoy.

I shall be posting more next week.