Advanced Caverns Core Set Ice - Painted

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Step up your building techniques and the complexity of your caverns with these organic, twisted ice pieces. From Swell Walls to Convex Corners, these sculpts provide astonishing and advanced building options.

Made from Dwarvenite®, our proprietary casting material. 

CP-604-i Outside Standing Cave Wall - Ice 2
CP-608-i Convex Cave Corner - Ice 2
CV-602-i 1x1 Straight Cavern Wall - Ice 2
CV-603-i Diagonal Cavern Wall - Ice 2
CV-605-i Right Swell Cavern Wall - Ice 2
CV-607-i 1x1 Corner Cavern Wall - Ice 2
CV-610-i 1x2 Cavern Floor - Ice 4
CV-611-i 1x1 Cavern Floor - Ice 4
EC-601-i Corner Cave Entrance - Ice 1
EC-602-i Convex Cave Curve - Ice 1
EV-610-i Rising Wall - Right - Ice 1
EV-611-i Rising Wall - Left - Ice 1
FE-606-i Corner Fill Stalagmite - Ice 4
Advanced Caverns Core Set Ice - Painted
Advanced Caverns Core Set Ice - Painted