Catacombs I Set (Classic Resin)

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It is time to delve where no DF adventurers have journeyed – into the dark of the Catacombs Set. This amazing set can be used for a variety of locations from crypts and catacombs – and into the lair of a dark Necromancer. The pieces come completely hand painted.

There are some "special effects" available in this set. Battery-operated, flickering orange LED lights burn like "flames" in four Corner Wall pieces. The effect is amazing in a darkened room! We have also included eight freestanding walls in this set to allow GMs ultimate control of their set-ups.

The pieces included:

Catacombs Set, (47 pcs)

4x Corner Wall w/Flame, LED Light (& 3 batteries)
4x Curved Wall w/2 Standing Skeletons
4x Straight Wall w/Skulls in Fireplace
4x Straight Wall w/4 Shelves of Skeletons
2x Straight Wall w/Arch
10x Floor (2” x 2”)
4x Freestanding Long Wall w/Skeleton Shelves
4x Freestanding Short Wall w/Skeleton Shelves
4x Curved Wall
4x Skulls Pillar
1x Bones and Debris Pile
2x Skulls Pile


Catacombs I Set (Classic Resin)