Citadel / Grand Citadel Double Thick Wall Pack (Painted)

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Combines with Citadel / Grand Citadel Inside Walls to double the thickness of the walls of a Citadel or Grand Citadel Expert Pledge. Create massive walls with a full 3" wide interior playable space! Magnetic spacer cubes and square roof platforms are also extremely useful in other creative builds. Note: If you double your Citadel / Grand Citadel Walls, the Courtyard Floors set is also recommended for ideal coverage of the reduced courtyard space.

This set contains 49 pieces:

4-SP-005 Cube Spacer 26
4-WP-001 Wall Platform 5
4-WP-006 Long Wall Platform 2
4-WS-013 Inside Corner Post 4
4-RP-007 4x4 Roof Platform 4
4-FL-015 2x2 Flagstone Floor 2
4-FL-011 2x2 Flagstone Floor w Sm Trapdoor 2
4-DR-005 Small Lattice Trapdoor 2
AC-007 CBS - Ladder 2
Citadel / Grand Citadel Double Thick Wall Pack (Painted)
cast in dwarvenite®