Den of Evil: Hellscape Set

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This Limited Edition Set (1,500) is a great setting for many possible scenarios including volcanic caverns, alien or Sith encounters and more "evil" locales. The set comes fully hand-painted with felt bottoms and a custom-molded styrofoam box.

The pieces include:

2x 4" x 4" Floor
1x Volcano Floor
3x Curved Corner Wall
1x Waved Corner Wall
1x Corner Conversion Wall
1x Dead End Wall
1x Waved Straight Wall
4x Small Conversion Wall
1x Large Conversion Wall
2x Mini-Volcano
4x Cavern to Hellscape Rock


This set's design is of a volcanic nature so it is not completely compatible with the design of the sets in the Cavernous product line.

Den of Evil: Hellscape Set