Empire Set (Unpainted)

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Unpainted Set


This set contains 521 pieces.

SKU Description Qty
FL-001 Wood Floor 4 x 4 16
FL-002 Stone Floor 4 x 4 14
FL-003 Wood Stairwell Floor 4x4 6
FL-004 Stone Stairwell Floor 4x4 4
FL-005 Wood Trapdoor Floor 4x4 + Wood Trapdoor
FL-006 Stone Trapdoor Floor 4x4 + Wood Trapdoor 4
PT-001 Tudor Post 88
PT-002 Stone Post 72
WL-003 Tudor Offset Door Wall + City Door 6
WL-001 Tudor Solid Wall 26
WL-002 Tudor Center Window Wall 32
WL-007 Tudor Magnetic Wall 6
WL-006 Stone Door Wall + City Door 4
WL-004 Stone Solid Wall 24
WL-005 Stone Center Window Wall 28
WL-008 Stone Magnetic Wall 4
RF-001 Terracotta Roof 4 x 4 6
AC-008 Wood Railing 10
WL-009 Arrowslit Wall 10
PT-003 Tudor Double Post 10
PT-004 Wood Half Height Corner Post 10
PT-005 Stone Double Post 10
RF-002 Slate Roof 4 x 4 4
AC-001 Steep Stairs 10
AC-002 Fluted Chimney 6
AC-003 Stout Chimney 4
AC-004 Assassin's Perch 10
AC-005 Balcony 10
AC-006 Closed Shutters Window Insert 10
AC-007 Ladder 10
AC-009 Iron Bars Window Insert 10
AC-010 Curtains Window Insert 10
AC-020 Open Shutters Window Insert 10
AC-027 Magnetic Blank Hanging Sign 10
LI-001 LED Lighted Stand for Mini 10
MI-X Mystery Mini Grab Bag Pieces 10
TOTE-CB City Builder Canvas Tote 1

For painting Dungeon Gray Dwarvenite, we recommend Pokorny Paint Colors, which have been specially formulated for best results when painting our products. CLICK HERE to learn more about painting Dungeon Gray City Builder pieces.

Empire Set (Unpainted)
Empire Set (Unpainted)
Empire Set (Unpainted)
Empire Set (Unpainted)
Empire Set (Unpainted)
cast in dwarvenite®