LED Castle Assortment (Painted)

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Dramatic spires and other items to customize your tower, courtyard, city, or dungeon. Integral LEDs create sorcerous gleams, heraldic glows, and necromantic flames. Note: Includes 11 different LED items, all of which can be lit simultaneously with included parts.

This set contains 16 pieces:

4-LD-006 LED Wizard's Spire 1
4-LD-010 LED Valorian Spire 1
4-LD-007 LED Gargoyle Guardian 1
4-LD-008 LED Claw Brazier 2
4-LD-005 LED Circular Socket 5
WL-016 CBS - Stone Torch Wall 2
LI-001 CBS - LED Torch Stand 4
LED Castle Assortment (Painted)
cast in dwarvenite®