Working Mangonel - Painted

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The castle defenders will look on in dismay when you wheel out this fully functional Mangonel, capable of hurling stone over the battlements and wreaking havoc within! Customizable with included decorative attachments in three styles -- iron dragons, war boars, and necromantic blades -- the Mangonel also comes with ammo and an attachment point for a team of horses.

Note: horses available separately, in the City Builder Wicked Accessories pack.

This set contains 13 pieces:

4-SE-014 Catapult Blade 2
4-SE-008 Mangonel 1
4-SE-010 Catapult Stone 6
4-SE-012 Catapult Dragon Head 2
4-SE-013 Catapult Boar Head 2
Working Mangonel - Painted