Forest Transition Banks Builder (Unpainted)

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Nothing will provide more versatility to your forest pieces than these transition banks. Combine them with a water Terrain Tray to create negative space water features such as rivers, ponds, and marshes. Use them to transition your sculpted forest floors down to a forest Terrain Tray or an existing battlemat. The transition banks can also be used to make gradual elevation rises by stacking them on top of sculpted floors And finally, they can be used on top of our Escarpments to create a higher rise and transition into sculpted forest floors at higher elevation.

This set features our updated Forest painting, with a narrower color palette (to match our Wildlands Forest sets, coming 2021). It's also compatible with Forest sets from our original Caverns Deep (2018) release (see photos).

This pack is a reconfiguration of the popular Forest Transition Banks pack from our Caverns Deep line, updated to include more pieces for versatility.

Forest Transition Banks Builder (Unpainted)
Forest Transition Banks Builder (Unpainted)
Forest Transition Banks Builder (Unpainted)
cast in dwarvenite®