Stalagmite Pack (Unpainted)

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Unpainted Set


This set contains 18 pieces:

SKU Description Qty
5-SP1 Wide Stalagmite 3
5-SP2 Narrow Stalagmite 2
5-SP3 Forked Stalagmite 2
5-SP4 Stalagmite 4
5-SP5 Stalagmite Cluster 1
5-SP6 Water Tubs 6

For painting Dungeon Gray Dwarvenite, we strongly recommend Pokorny Paint Colors, which have been specially formulated for best results when painting our products. CLICK HERE to learn more about painting Dungeon Gray Dwarvenite.

Note this set does not contain anchor magnets.
Stalagmite Pack (Unpainted)
cast in dwarvenite®