Builder's Masterclass - March 2019

Builder's Masterclass Header 2019 March

Greetings Builders, welcome to Building Tips, where we will show you how to utilize some of our very versatile pieces in various ways to enhance your next epic build!

We will start this column off by featuring a piece that can add some awesome effects to your builds: the LED Illuminated Floor from our Castle Builder System line. At first glance, it appears that the set’s main use would be in the middle of a castle courtyard, as a giant thematic glowing ornament, but it’s way more versatile than that. Focusing on its ability to blast a lot of light out up and down, its 2 light modes (bright white and flickering torch flavor), and its shape, here are 3 examples of innovative ways you can use it to deck out your builds.

Builder's Masterclass March 2019

The first build is a castle tower, but instead of decorating the courtyard floor, it is put into the interior of the tower to brightly illuminate the windows from the inside. You can use multiples on several levels to add light at different elevations.

Builder's Masterclass March 2019

The second is in a simple stone City Builder System house, using the flickering torch light mode of the LED Illuminated Floor to emulate a flood of bright light from within a cottage at night. The LED torches for the LED City Builder System walls are not bright enough to light up the windows in this way (though they do look great in an interior view). But add an
LED Illuminated Floor above the walls of the house but below the roof, acting like a ceiling light, and it will blast torchlight downwards for a dramatic effect when seen from outside.

Builder's Masterclass March 2019

The last idea is to use the LED Illuminated Floor in the more traditional sense, but inside a City Builder System building, using it in the center of a Mage’s Guild where a magically glowing pool provides a source of mystic power. As the floor is the same size and shape as a City Builder System floor, it can fit neatly between standard floor sections. Here, we use the Magic Pool Insert from the Dungeon of Doom. Quick tip! You can use this piece as a floor cover, as it's flat and transparent, as well as the Summoning Circle and Shamanic Circle from Caverns Deep, and maybe more to come.

So there you go! Build on, and use your Dwarven Forge pieces in ways you didn’t think of before, and make some crazy builds!!