A new boardgame experience coming 2024...

Behold a world of heroic action and high fantasy adventure brought to life on your table. Experience a cinematic combat system and interactive terrain that immerses you in the story. The stage is set…the dungeon awaits…do you dare?

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From the imagination of visionary designer Stephen Baker and the artistry of terrain-masters Dwarven Forge, comes WHERE HEROES DARE - a dungeon crawler boardgame with an actual dungeon. Dive headlong into an epic campaign where each scene is a dynamic 3D challenge, or use the modular terrain and story system to design your own homebrew adventures.

Dynamic Play Environment

Topple pillars, smash urns, shunt crates - move, destroy, and weaponize the terrain to your advantage. The physical pieces define the rules so you can look at the board not the rulebook.

Where Heroes Dare Silhouette
High-Powered Heroes

High-Powered Heroes

Chain together superhuman powers with cinematic stunts to pull off stunning maneuvers that heavily impact the board so there's never a dull turn.

Multiple Modes of Play

The main campaign supports 1-4 players, so you can tackle it solo or with a group. Or create your own levels to challenge your friends. In any mode, the fast-moving rules are very suited to family play so you can battle side-by-side with your kids.

Multiple Player Ages

Development Diary

Where Heroes Dare is currently in active development and on target for crowdfunding in October 2024. We’re not going to have a finished prototype to show you for some time. However, in the meantime, we’d like to share a glimpse at our development process so you can see what we’re working towards and how we’re getting there.

We’ll post updates with all the latest developments.

A shared vision.

coming 2024 text illuminated by two glowing brazier sculpts against a crumbling dungeon wall