Den of Evil

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Limited Edition Den of Evil (Room and Passage Set)

Dwarven Forge, the maker of the Master Maze miniature gaming environment, is pleased to announce that we are now offering one of its finest sets ever produced. Only 1,500 sets of the Den of Evil (Room and Passage Set) will ever be made, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire one of these premium sets. The large set features pieces with exacting details. The pieces are hand-painted and come with felt padded bottoms. This set is perfect for those parts of the adventure that are especially evil or challenging, or they can be used as alien architecture in a sci-fi setting.

This limited-edition set will only be available from Dwarven Forge direct, and they will not be sold in stores or on any other website. The price is $139 per set.

The sets includes:
8x Corner Wall Pieces
7x Flat Wall Pieces
10x Floor Pieces
2x Short Passage
4x L-Shaped Passages
2x T-Shaped Passages
1x 4-Ways Passage
3x Door with Inserts
2x Diagonal Wall
2x Diagonal Floor