Encounter 13C: Lava Bridge, Part 3 (Grand Chambers) - Painted

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A large series of raised chambers full of arcane secrets and tricks. Note: there are two more parts that make up the entire Lava Bridge Encounter Area.

4-DR-004 KS4 Lattice Trapdoor 1
AC-506 LED Angled Torch 6
AC-516 Gargoyle Corner Pillar 4
AC-517 Serpentine Corner Pillar 4
AV-501 Vaulted Wall 7
AV-503 Vaulted Wall w/ LED Socket 2
AV-504 Vaulted Diagonal Wall 2
AV-507 Vaulted Open Arch Wall 1
AV-508 Vaulted Corner 6
AV-512 Vaulted Large Curve 2
AV-514 Vaulted Large Curve Insert Wall (Magnetic) 2
AV-515 LED Socket Alcove 2
AV-516 Vaulted Dungeon Floor 5
AV-517 2x2 Trapdoor Floor 1
AV-518 1x2 Dungeon Floor 4
AV-519 1x1 Dungeon Floor 3
AV-520 4x4 Dungeon Floor 2
AV-521 8x8 Dungeon Floor 1
AV-523 Diagonal Backfill 2
DR-501 Vaulted Door Frame 4
DR-503 Vaulted Door Corner 2
DR-504 Ancient Door 2
DR-505 Narrow Ancient Door 2
DR-512 Warded Door 2
DR-513 Plinth Arch (Magnetic) 1
ET-512 Forsaken Temple Floor 2
ET-513 LED Serpent Wall Orb 6
EV-501 12" Elevation Platform & Lid 2
EV-512 Dungeon Elevation Block 1
EV-513 Dungeon Ramp 2
EV-522 Stair Jack 1
IN-502 Bars Insert 1
K1-502 Classic Dungeon Wall w/LED Socket 2
K1-503 Classic Dungeon 1x1 Wall 7
K1-504 Classic Dungeon 1x1 Corner 7
K1-505 Classic Dungeon Freestanding Corner (Magnetic) 1
K1-506 Classic Dungeon Wall 1
K1-507 Classic Dungeon Corner 3
PS-501 Passage Wall 4
RU-506 2x4 Breached Wall 1
TR-501 Magnetic Wall Lever 2
TR-514 Magnetic Wall Glyph 1
Lava Bridge Part 3 (Grand Chambers) - Painted